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Thoughtful Thursday: Seth Special

Anyone who read Covenant series knows that there are three main characters: Alex, the tough, reckless and snarky Apollyon girl. Aiden, the sweet, self-sacrificing and caring Sentinel, and Seth, the also snarky, tough and mysterious Apollyon guy.

And since that Seth's probably the most mysterious in three, he deserves a special article. Here I will sum up all my thoughts about him and my predictions about his future (which will possibly involve in Alex and Aiden's future)

He's Hot:
Of course he's hot. No one can deny that. Yellow eyes, Gold hair, good build. There's no way we can say he's not one of the smoking hot dudes. But he's definitely not my favorite guy. Out of all the hotness with yellow eyes in YA novels, he's definitely not one of my beloved characters (Jace is definitely the champion among all the yellow-eyes)

He's Mysterious:
Another thing that cannot be denied. First off, we still don't know his last name. We only know he's Seth. We don't know his past, which is probably the very reason that Lucian can get under his skin and control him. And I don't know his exact thoughts. And most important of all, we don't know if he truly loves Alex or not.

He's Snarky:
Yeah. He's famous for his word war with Alex. Always bickering with each other. Which is really fun to read in Half-Blood, Pure and the first chapters in Deity. But sometimes his words got so freaking annoying that sometimes even I, a relatively peaceful person then Alex, wants to punch him in the face but is amused at the same time. Ha.

Here's the million dollar question: Does Seth truly love Alex?

Well, for starters, he surely likes Alex. I can totally see that when he doesn't like/hate someone (like Aiden), he will either ignore him completely or just punch him/her in the face for starters. So when he use so much energy to bicker with Alex, obviously he likes Alex.

And maybe in some ways he cares for Alex too. I'm not sure if all his actions in Pure was real. But I think in a way he cares for her. Otherwise he will not be so angry that Aiden hurt her in Pure. Or he will not pull away when Alex is on Brew.

But does he love Alex? I think it's more like a need than love. According to Clotho (in Elixir), Love is a reckless creature. So obviously only we can control our love for one another ourselves. But there's a freaking godsdamn bond between Seth and Alex. And even Alex, in her snarky-and-homicidal situation, still admits that she needs Seth. So obviously that's a need more than love.

You may argue that, "hey, what about the swimming pool kissing scene? Isn't that a proof that Seth loves Alex?". Well, first off, I'm NOT saying that he doesn't love Alex. I just say that it's more like a need. Maybe in a way he does love her, but definitely not the way Aiden loves her. And even he can't be sure if that was the bond or something else that brings his mouth to hers.

My intention to say all these things is not to piss off member of Team Seth, because obviously there are some. I'm just expressing my point of view. And I bet few can deny that Aiden's love for Alex is false.

Another million-dollar question: What will happen to Seth in Apollyon?

I can see that at first he will be extremely thrilled by many reasons. 1) Alex is connected to him and he can control her freely. 2) If Alex comes to him he can transfer her power to him and make himself the God Killer. 3) He will be free to kill Aiden. But I seriously doubt that his happiness and excitement will last long because there are two snippets from Apollyon that apparently shows that Alex is not controlled by him anymore. And even worse, she's preparing to fight him.

Link to those snippets:

And will he be killed in Apollyon? I highly doubt it. Otherwise there will probably be no fifth book. Unless you wanna say that the gods declare war on Alex in Sentinel even after Seth's death. That the gods still wanna kill her nontheless because she's an Apollyon even though she is not a threat to gods, or they still wanna kill her because she's a God Killer. But back to my point. If he'll be killed in Apollyon, then he will be killed. I have so many crazy ideas when he is still alive in the end of Apollyon.

One, his power is transferred to Alex but he's still sort of alive. This is the most ridiculous of all because I don't think Alex can be a God Killer (although that will be an awesome twist). If that's the case, maybe it's because of the fact that Alex should be the First? And is there a need to kill him when his power transfers to her?

Two, the bond is broken but Seth's power doesn't lose a bit. Obviously the bond will be broken somewhere in Apollyon. And I'm really curious about how he will react when the bond is broken. Will he go crazy? Will he go mad? And I really think that there will be an epic battle between Alex and Seth. So I really doubt if Seth's (or Alex's) power doesn't lose even a little bit.

Three, which is the more ridiculous one, is that he will become a daimon Apollyon. I doubt it will happen because daimon problems is already not the most pressing problem since Deity. And I really doubt how he can be changed into a daimon when he can just smash a daimon's guts right when the daimon charge to him. Maybe there's only one way. Dionysus change him into a daimon, which I highly doubt it's possibility.

Four, which is the most ridiculous of all, is that he becomes the God Killer (or almost) and Alex's still alive miraculously. If he's the God Killer then Alex will be long dead. And there will be no Sentinel unless there are Aiden's pov? That will be another awesome twist because Sentinel will become extremely interesting if this happen.

But the confirmed one is this:

Their bond will be broken at some point.

So what are your thoughts about Seth? Tell me whatever you like!

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