Friday, November 23, 2012

Theory Time: Angel Fever by L.A.Weatherly

Lately I've been obsessed in L.A.Weatherly's Angel trilogy... again. There's still quite a period of time (2013!) from the release of the final book, Angel Fever. Have some theory time, shall we?

Well, Angel (or Angel Burn if you live in the US) is mostly about running from the Church of Angels. And Angel Fire is mostly about training a new bunch of AKs. So I think this one will be all-out battle chaos.

I really have no idea whether this will end well or not because there are no one freaking sign from Angel or even Angel Fire. Hope this will end well because Alex and Willow look so innocent together. I hope Willow can return home and (wishful thinking) her mother will be normal again.

But things will never end so well. Maybe one of them will die. I don't think Willow will be the girl who dies again because she had died and came back in the end of Angel. Maybe Seb, although I really like him. He's a cool guy. But there's a good chance that he will sacrifice himself for Willow, which I'm not really thrilled by this idea.

And Alex dying is even worse. If things won't end well on him. I guess there are only two ways. One is him dies. Just thinking about that makes me wanna hurl and vomit. But somehow the second choice is even worse, because (maybe) he will get Angel Burn and turn against Willow and Seth. That's probably the worst way for Alex EVER.

As for the angels... well, I hope they will all just freaking go away and leave Willow alone. I hope that's the only option. Because... well, after what Raziel (extra: Raziel is a good guy in TMI...)did to Willow and the Church of Angels is a great threat to human beings. They should just freaking go to hell (like, literally). Or I will like Seriously you can't end like this. I will kill you.

I have a feeling that maybe some sort of miracle will happen in Angel Fever. You can say this is insane, but I can't shake the feeling off. Hope that there's actually miracle in the world because... after all the heartbreak (Deity, Clockwork Prince, Hallowed... I can't), just give me a damn good ending. Or I will go crazy in 2013.

Now it's the minor part: Who will be on Angel Fever cover (UK version of course)?

I have a feeling that Willow will still be on the cover. That's a little bit boring, considering she's already on the covers of Angel and Angel Fire. But she's the main character. We can't blame the designer for that.

I think Seb will be on the cover this time. I have high hopes on that. Alex is on the cover of Angel Fire. Shouldn't Seb be on Angel Fever's cover? And I am thrilled to think about Seb on cover. Hope that he's really hot (Ha)

And the oddest of all, also the funniest of all, is Alex/Seb. Two boys, on Angel Fever's cover. Don't you find that really amusing? Maybe it will ease a little bit if three of them are on cover at the same time. Still, it's hilarious just to think about it.

So, are you excited? If not, maybe you should just read Angel and Angel Fire. They are awesome books. I have no idea why they are underrated and not popular.

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