Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apollyon Teaser

Another Apollyon Teaser! Really curious one.

His all-white eyes gleamed. “I’ve seen it all in battle. There is the way the body curls into itself when it wants death. There is the silent scream for release. There are the eyes, and they speak even when the tongue no longer works. And then there is the soul that rots so poorly when death is wanted but withheld that it carries a certain stench.”

Ice shot through my veins, turning my blood to slush. At that moment I knew no matter how much I fought, this… this was going to suck.

So there's Apollo, I think. And there's Alex, if there's no other characters' point of view. This must be the snark-but-not-homicidal (as Deacon said) Alex. Otherwise she will go all-out evil and trying to kill the God.

Why is Apollyon so tempting.

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