Monday, October 1, 2012

Thoughts of Book 3 of Divergent: Fence Special (What Is Outside the Fence)

It's been quite a boring week because there are no books that I want to read or re-read. So today I will launch another theory for the last book of Divergent. It's not about any character in the book. It's about the fence surrounding Chicago, and what's outside it.

In Divergent Christina mentioned that there maybe a bunch of farms outside the fence:

I ask Christina, "What do you think is out there?" I nod to the doorway. "I mean, beyond the fence."
She shrugs, "A bunch of farms, I guess."

Maybe there are some farms out there, because the Amity were there. But I don't see why the Amity will get past the fence to those farms (if they exist). Some of them surely knows about what happened outside the fence. If it's true, than Amity is not so Amity after all, right? Even the Amity has corrupted. Ugh.

But like Tris said, there must be more past the farms. Maybe there is a bunch of people who are planning to overthrow the government in Chicago? It kinda sound like the Invalids in Delirium. They are trying to fight and put spies in the whole USA and get into DFA. I kinda like the sound of that, because there will be a great grand battle between the "outsiders" (let's just call them outsiders... for now) and the Erudite and Abnegation (why Abnegation? They control the government, and they surely know about what's outside the fence, yet they didn't tell the people)

It seems like the faction system only occurs in Chicago and not other cities in USA because I really doubt that the five headquarters will all be in Chicago and not other places. Maybe what outside the fence is chaos and battle fields? Perhaps people are fighting for life and the whole US is divided into pieces like The Hunger Games?

What will happen if the people living in Chicago knows what is happening outside the fence? Will they join Tris and the Dauntless to rebuild another system better than factions? Or will they just shut there eyes and pretend nothing has happened? Or even worse, that they will call the Dauntless liars, then the revolutionaries will be killed? But one thing is certain: the people inside the fence will eventually learn about things happened outside Chicago.

What do you think that will happen outside the fence?

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