Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thoughts of Book 3 of Divergent: Tris Special

Last time we talked about what will possibly happen on Tobias/Four. It's time for our most important character, Tris.

We all know that Tris is not just brave but also selfless and even more, self-sacrificing. So like I'd said in the article of Tobias Special, if one of them is going to die, it's either Tris or Tobias. And one has to watch another to die. Of course there's a high possibility that neither of them will die. But I think comparing the two of them, Tris has a higher risk. Look at what had almost happened in Insurgent. Tris is being...well, way too selfless and put her own life in the hands of a bunch of freaking Erudite. Hope that Veronica Roth will not do this to us because Tris and Tobias are my favorite characters.

Remember what happened in the end of Insurgent? Some woman reveal herself as Edith Prior, Tris' grandmother? I think this Edith Prior will play a big part in the last book. Veronica had once said that the faction history has lasted two generations, since that Tris is the third generation, it seems like Edith Prior will tell Tris what exactly happened outside the fence and the history BEFORE the factions. Tris will hold the key to break free from the factions.

Will she forgive Caleb? Well, truth to be told, what Caleb did to Tris in Insurgent is unforgivable. He's acting like a damn jerk and is a total liar and traitor. I have to say that in Candor standards what he did is unforgivable. Since Caleb has a very high possibility to be captured by Tris and the Dauntless, he will have to follow her. I don't know if he will try to gain her trust back or something, but it seems like Tris will forgive Caleb in the end.

Her relationship with Tobias is becoming more steady and stable now. They will have to join together and break through Chicago. However, I still think that there may be some problems lay between them. Maybe they will go through the whole you-choose-this-time-to-act-like-an-Abnegation/Dauntless thing once again, but this time maybe the thing is about Tobias, not Tris. Marcus will be another problem as well, because I highly doubt that Tobias will trust him that easily even after what happened in the Erudite headquarters. Even if he starts to trust Marcus, I don't think he will forgive him for what he did when Tobias was still an Abnegation member. If this is a problem, I think Tris will have a hard time trying to fix this.

Is there a happy ending for her? In some ways I am sure she will have one. I think the fence will eventually be broken through and find out the truth. But I don't know if she will stay beside Tobias in the end of the book. I hope she will. I can't bear to watch either Tris or Tobias die. My heart will definitely be ripped out and torn into pieces.

What do you think about it?

P.S. It seems like this article's about others more than Tris herself

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