Saturday, October 13, 2012

New City of Heavenly Fire and Clockwork Princess Snippets!

Big prize for both TMI and TID fans! There is a CoHF snippet, AND a CP2 snippet! Let's check out the Clockwork Princess snippet first:

Gabriel’s green eyes sought Will. “It was demon pox, wasn’t it? You know all about it, don’t you? Aren’t you some sort of expert?”
“Well, you needn’t act as if I invented it,” said Will.

That is funny, especially the reply from Will. Maybe he DID invent it. Although it's impossible. But man, does that mean Gabriel will join Gideon and leave his father? That's a good thing because I really like Gabriel even though he is a jerk sometimes.

Now it's time for City of Heavenly Fire Snippet, and it features Jace and Magnus!

“I think,” Jace said, “that you don’t want to tell your secrets, so you decided to break up with Alec because..” Jace schools Magnus, CoHF.

Because what? And what about the secrets? Ugh! Why didn't you tell me a LITTLE more, Cassie? You are definitely torturing us, not just using Clockwork Princess snippets but also City of Heavenly Fire snippets. I'm not gonna survive this kind of snippet wave.

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