Monday, October 8, 2012

Hating blog by an ACTUAL DICK (Not me, of course)

If you are a TMI or/and TID fan, go to this damn website and have a look (Warning: prepare yourself properly)

*There are three 's' in the link

Remember, this is NOT Cassandra Clare's official Tumblr. The one below IS the official one:

*The real one has only two 's', which is the one above

Here's the sane version of my annoyance:

If you are not happy with Cassie's books, you can just stop reading it and feel free to express it in a SANE way to the people. There's no need for the vengeance on the Internet. I don't think you want to be boycotted by the fans since that your extreme words will bring you a lot of trouble. It's better for you to close that blog and express your feelings in other ways. Starting a hate blog brings you nothing but trouble.

And here's the extreme version of my annoyance:
P.S. This is originally posted on my Facebook Page, but I change some words below
(Warning: Extreme words below)

What IN THE HECK are u doing, you dickhead? Cassie Clare is the most AWESOME WRITER on earth. If you don't like her, FINE! But starting up a hate blog? Are your freaking brain cells melt in a shitty way?! Or are you a single-cell organism? To hell with YOUR EFFING BLOG, you piece of SHIT. You can just shut your darn blog down and go to the deepest HELL all by yourself. YOU. ARE. A SHITHEAD. Go eff yourself or just jump off from a goddamn cliff.

[If you are annoyed by my words, I give you my apologies. It's just that I am so. Freaking. ANGRY]

Feel free to attack that dickhead who starts the hate blog. Cuz this is INSANE. And he/she is the most hateful person in the universe.

And I don't wanna see any hate blogs attacking Cassie anymore. You can NOT like the books. You can NOT like her. But don't you dare attack her. Seriously. This is very annoying.

(If that guy does this in the city I'm living in, this is ILLEGAL and he/she is likely to be arrested)

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