Sunday, October 7, 2012

Divergent Questions

A freaking boring day. So it's time for some lame fun. I'm gonna release my answers to these Divergent questions. It is really similar to 30 Day Divergent Challenge. But now it's for the LATEST version. Things change when you re-read books. A lot.

1. Your faction: my first test is Dauntless, but my second one? Erudite.

2. Your favorite character: I have to pick Tris cuz she's just that awesome (even though Four's awesome too)

3. Dreamcast for Tris: Saoirse Ronan

4. Dreamcast for Four: Max Irons

5. Your favorite paring: FourTris of course!

6. Your least favorite paring: Caleb and Susan. Honestly, I almost feel bad for Susan for choosing Caleb at the first place. Almost.

7. Your favorite friendship: If I recall it right, I said that it was Will and Tris. But now I have to go with Uriah and Tris.

8. Your favorite quote: Fear doesn't shut you down. It wakes you up

9. Your least favorite character: in Divergent it was Eric. In Insurgent it was Caleb

10. A character that died you wish didn't: I have to stick with Will

11. A character that you wish died: Evelyn. I don't know why I think like that, but she sounds like a bitch

12. Favorite moment in Divergent: When Tobias/Four tells Tris that he loves her <4

13. Favorite moment in Insurgent: When Tris is rescued from Erudite Headquarters and is bathing with Tobias ^ ^

14. A song/s that reminds you of the series?: Yeah well I think it's Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift. Cuz it features a messed-up world just like in Divergent

15. A paring you don't understand: Eric and Tris (What's with this paring? This is horrible)

16. A book/series you would recommend to a fellow fan: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Delirium, Lux and Covenant

17. A fun fact about your time reading Divergent: I was constantly screaming WHAT?! and my mom kept coming into my bedroom

18. A character you're most alike to: A combination of Tris and Christina

19. The faction you would dealt worst with: Abnegation. I love freedom and Abnegation can provide nothing close to freedom

20. Favorite faction: Dauntless and Amity (odd answer)

21. Least favorite faction: Candor (I can't say Erudite because I kinda like it, it's just there are bad blood in it)

22. Your favorite thing about the entire series: the fights and the aspects of overcoming fears are the best thing.

23. Your favorite fight/battle scene: when Tris is using a pocket knife against the Dauntless traitors who have a gun in Insurgent

24. A scene that made you laugh: Tris in Peace Serum in Insurgent

25. A scene that made you cry: none. Actually few things can make me cry

26. A character you would die for: Actually there's two. Four and Tris

27. A scene that ripped your heart out: when Caleb reveals that he betrays Tris

28. Something you wish went differently: One, I hope Tris just shoot Will in his arm and not between his eyes. Second, I wish Caleb is NOT a traitor because he's one of my favorite characters in Divergent.

29. Favorite simulation: Tris' fear landscape

30. Something in the series that you can relate to: Tris fighting for truth and freedom. Especially freedom.

This is originally from Tumblr. You can copy the questions and answer them.

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