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Update: City of Heavenly Fire Theories: Dying or Living?

Well, according to a source that I can't find anymore, Cassie said that up to FOUR main character will die in CoHF. That is BAD news. I know that somebody will die in CoHF, but I just didn't expect there are FOUR people. Why four? I can't stand that kind of number. I will definitely go crazy with a capital K.

Well so here are the theories, the update version of the one written ages ago.

(And that will focus on the characters that I think that has a high possibility to die)


For some weird reason I don't think she will die simply because of the battle. Yes, she will be in the war because she is quite reckless. But if she's gonna die, I think that will have something to do with what she had done to save Jace in City of Glass. Remember what Lilith said in City of Fallen Angels that if one "thing" from Light reborn, one "thing" from Darkness reborn too. Well, I don't actually know how this kind of thing works. But it seems like the debt must be paid. Despite the fact that Sebastian is alive, I think that either Clary or Jace will have to sacrifice for Jace's reborn (or whatever you want to call it) in City of Glass. Clary is the one who begged for Jace's life in front of Raziel. So what if she dies because she has to pay for Jace's life (or something like that)?

I have to say that the theory above is extremely melodramatic. I don't know why I can think of such thing. But like I said before, people will definitely focus on Jace's pain of losing the girl he loves most if Clary dies. That's not what I appreciate. I think someone should think about Clary.


Remember what happened to Jace beside the lake in City of Glass? He lives only because Clary begged for him in front of Raziel. What if he is destined to die in City of Glass, and the times in CoFA and CoLS is just borrowed time? I really hate to think that. My heart is aching RIGHT NOW just thinking about it. If it's gonna happen, I am sure as hell that the scene will definitely NOT like Raziel comes to Jace and say a lot of bullcrap and, well, you know what will happen next. If Jace needs to pay the debt, I think he will die in the freaking battle because Sebastian kills him.

BUT, if Jace truly dies in CoHF, I swear to the Hades that I will seek revenge on Cassie and strangle her after the last book of The Dark Artifices is released. We've already known that there will be no perfect ending in Clockwork Princess. I don't want my heart crush again because of City of Heavenly Fire. Just give us a better ending for CoHF please, Cassie. PLEASE...

*I am haunted by the theory. I can even picture what will be like in the epilogue of CoHF if he dies. That is so wrong.*


Raziel removed the Mark of Cain from Simon. There is no protection for him now. I don't think Simon will be killed by Raphael that easily because Clary and Isabelle will definitely protect him from the goddamn vampire. But I am sure that Simon will definitely join Isabelle and Clary in the battle, and there will be a great possibility for him to die in that freaking battle. Even though I ship Simon/Izzy, I think the ship will sail off in CoHF. That is a horrifying thought, almost as terrible as the thought of Jace dying.


After what happened in CoLS, I actually thinks that he will die in CoHF. He lost Magnus, and it's obvious that Magnus will not forgive him that easily. Alec, like Jace, is reckless at some point. So there's a possibility that he will do something extremely heroic/crazy/insane/stupid. I am sure he will not be killed by Maureen, because there will be no broken-brand-new-phone scene in CoHF.

That doesn't mean he will not be killed during the battle. I think that someone very close to Jace will die, and that will not be Isabelle. I just don't have the feeling that she will die in CoHF. Either Jace loses his life or his parabatai or Clary will die.


I can sense that there will be some heart-breaking scenes between Alec and Magnus in the highest level. So either Alec will die or Magnus will. And I think the possibility on Magnus is much lower than on Alec.

Remember what happened in Magnus's Vow? That he swore he will never, ever get mixed up with the Shadowhunters agian in the present because the Shadowhunters in the London Institute a hundred year ago broke his heart? But eventually he still got mixed up with Alec because his appearance resembles Will even though it was Jace who has the personality of Will. I think he will be heart-broken once again because of the people in Manhattan Institute. Immortals like Magnus and Tessa are always breakable underneath the strong appearance they put on themselves. Maybe what Brother Zachariah said in CoLS is some kind of prophecy.

"Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable."__ Brother Zachariah, City of Lost Souls

(I didn't say Magnus will not die in CoHF. That is definitely not confirmed. What I said is he will less likely die in CoHF. I am one of the dudes who ship Malec. But it's not all down side when Magnus dies. Maybe that will be better if you see that as some kind of release from the immortal life)



Jordon said something very heartbreaking in CoLS even though I can't remember what it is. Jordon and Maia were just about to have a great life in the west coast of US in CoLS. And he said something like he is going to die at some point. So it's not impossible for Jordon to die in CoHF. And we know that Cassie loves to create angst for us (this is not a critical sentence). And Jordan/Maia will lose each other again. I don't have a theory of how he will die because all my concentration in CoLS is on Jace/Clary/Sebastian and Magnus/Alec.

But I like Jordon. I hope he will live with Maia.



Oh that is VERY obvious. Sebastian has to die in CoHF. According to the summary of Lady Midnight from The Dark Artifices, it doesn't seem like that Sebastian will rule the Shadowhunters' world after the whole thing in CoHF because the summary just states that there's a demonic activity in Santa Monica in the world of TDA. So either he is going to burn down the world or he will be killed by the good Shadowhunters.

If he doesn't die I swear I will kill somebody.


Who I think that will die in CoHF:

Alec, Simon, Jordan, Sebastian

(I won't say Jace in this case. I am trying to get rid of that freaking epilogue)

Who do you think that will not survive in CoHF?

P.S. Forgive me if something is exactly the same as the original version. I don't really know if this is a good update or not.

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