Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thoughts of Book 3 of Divergent: Caleb Special

It's been quite a while since the last article about the possibilities of the very last book of the bestselling Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth. You may wonder why I choose Caleb Prior as the main part for this article instead of Tris or Tobias. Well, all we can say for Tris and Tobias are that whether they can break through the fence, whether they can bring down all the factions or reunite them, or whether they will die or not. Using Caleb as the topic will be much more interesting. So let's start.

Caleb chooses Erudite to be his future faction in Divergent, and he is being such an asshole spy for Erudite in Insurgent. I am sure that many fans will really wanna slap him in the face AT LEAST even though he is the favorite character for some of the fans in Divergent (he is one of my favorite characters in Divergent too). But it seems like he is helping Tobias in the end when Jeanine finally dies.

So what will possibly happen in the conclusion of Divergent?

For the most controversial part, it seems like Tris is gonna forgive him for his betrayal. I have to agree that the fans who support this result actually make a point here, based on what happened to Al in Divergent. Al kills himself because he is too embarrassed to face Tris especially when Tris says to him that she will never forgive him. The fans think that Tris will learn from this mistake (or no-mistake) and forgive Caleb. But many other fans hope that Tris will never forgive him. I am one of them despite the fact that I don't really want Caleb to die... so soon (wow, I am brutal here, aren't I?). What he does is utterly UNFORGIVABLE. He claims that he loves his sister, but he allows Jeanine to torture Tris. His twisted version of love for Tris isn't even love. This is just an excuse to explain the things he's done for Jeanine. He is a damn coward. And I don't see any reason that Tris has to forgive him.

Where will he go to after "the shout begins"? I am sure Tris, Tobias and the Dauntless will escape the building. And I think they will definitely take Caleb with them because any people with logic can see that leaving him at the Erudite Headquarters will only worsen things. But when will he go after the escape? I have no idea because I definitely don't know what Tris and Tobias will do after "the shout begins". Hope that you have a better idea.

Another controversial part is that whether he will die or not. Well, I can't say if he will die or not. I don't want him to die, and I am having this kind of comment for Tris. It's too tragic for Tris to deal with if every family member (except Edith Prior) that Tris knows dies. I doubt Veronica Roth will kill every single Prior in the last book. But if he will die, I think he'd better die for Tris . If he will kill himself for his fault, I will definitely scream Tris is right, you are a coward!

Will he still be a spy or not? Well, official he can't be a spy anymore because he is just a 16-year-old boy and he can't be a good spy when he is well-guarded by a bunch of trained Dauntless, factionless, and some Abnegation. Maybe he will become more Abnegation than Erudite in the last book if he can actually learn from his selfishness. And don't tell me he has no Abnegation inside his blood. I think he will at least enjoy a little to play like an Abnegation. Maybe he is selfish and dull and arrogant because they run in his freaking blood, but I doubt that he has no Abnegation in his bones.

And what will the relationship between Caleb and Susan become? I can be sure that Susan knows Caleb is a traitor for Erudite since that Susan is Abnegation. Love can be a stupid thing and people will do silly and harmful things because of it. Even the Abnegation can't be immune. But I think that he definitely deserves the loss if Susan leaves him.

*I have to say that holding out a Caleb Special is way better than any other specials. One thing is that the topic can be controversial in many ways, and another thing is that I have no idea how to summarize all the possibilities about other main characters for now*

Do you have any ideas about what will happen to Caleb Prior?

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