Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Clockwork Princess Snippet!

Another new Clockwork Princess Snippet is up on TMI source! We are always hungry for the snippets. So check it out:

“You know,” Cecily said, “you really didn’t have to throw that man through the window.”

This one is really funny, you know. I think she is either talking to Will or Jem. Not that I doubt Jem have the mercilessness to throw that man through the window. It's just that he is very kind even to his enemies. And more than that, Will is more severe and violent. It's not that hard to picture in your mind that Will throwing some disgusting clockwork creature or demons through the window. And even though Cecily is Will's sister, I doubt she will talk to Jem like that (not that she is rude to Jem) when there is a high chance Will is around.

Hope that there will be more funny snippets from Clockwork Princess. I can't stand gut-wrenching snippets anymore, at least for a while. I have to prepare for the ultimate heart-break: The release date of Clockwork Princess.

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