Saturday, September 1, 2012

City of Bones Movie: Day 10 and New Clockwork Princess Snippet!

City of Bones on set goes to day 10, and it continues in Hotel Dumort! Check out the photos of Hotel Dumort:

To check out more photos, click the link below:


Another new Clockwork Princess Snippet has been released. And god, this one is smoking hot! Check it out:

Her throat ached: adoration, heartbreak, in equal measure. “Kiss me,” she said. “Please.”

Who is she talking to? I think fans can be sure that the one who is talking is Tessa. But who is listening to her words? Will? Jem? I prefer he is Will because I think there will be no heartbreak when she is with Jem. And even though she adores both boys, no doubt she loves Will in a way that is really different from her love for Jem. 

And just in this moment I think about the DSDS thing. Is that from our mysterious DSDS? Maybe. And if it is, it will definitely be smoking hot. (Although I doubt the DSDS will be written in Tessa's perspective)

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