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Theories for Requiem

Requiem, the final book of the bestselling Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver, will be released on March 5th, 2013.

And I have some theories of what will happen to the characters. Here are the ideas. (In fact I'm just grouping ideas from the review of Pandemonium and adding new things in this post)


Obviously she has to deal with the sudden appearance of Alex. If Alex is... well, Alex, I can see she will have to choose between Alex and Julian. Hope that there will be no extreme love triangle thing. I loathe love triangle.

But if Alex is not an Invalid anymore, she has to deal with an maybe-enemy right in front of Julian and her. Maybe if Alex is Lena's enemy at that point. She will have to choose between defeating him or... well, not defeating him but run away or something like that. That will be way more interesting. But that will break the Alex x Lena's shippers' hearts (Including mine... kind of).

Anyway, the relationship between Alex and Lena will never be the same. This is what the fans can confirm.

Since that Alex suddenly appears in the end of Pandemonium, the relationship between Julian and Lena will also never be the same. Julian will know that the guy with autumn-leaf-like brown hair and hard brown eyes is Alex. I don't know how will Lena respond to this accident and deal with something like that to Julian. Maybe he will think that she is not trustworthy at all after what happened to them? Who knows.

And from the summary of Requiem. It said that Lena is the center of the revolution. It's like she will be the leader of the Invalids and the fight for love. I wonder how she will deal with Hana, the maybe-cured best friend who is on the regulators'/ Portland inhabitants' side. Perhaps they will reunite and fight together. Or they will be enemies.

She can be dead in any second since that this is an obvious revolution and the regulators are everywhere. There is a high possibility that she can be killed. No signs say that she won't be killed or she will be killed for sure. Heck, I hope she stays safe.



There are possibilities of Alex's sudden appearance. The safest way and the most comforting way is that he is finding Lena all the time. And when he says that "Don't believe her" is that he doesn't know about things between Lena and Julian. That is a fairly reasonable explanation. But in my heart I think there is way more than just finding her. There are something behind it.

Another not-so-good explanation is that he joins the Scavengers. Scavengers work for DFA originally, and so there is a poor link between the whole thing about Scavengers and what he says to Julian not to believe Lena. It also explain the horrible scar on his face. Even though the Invalids can definitely get a scar like that, I think the Scavengers have a higher possibility to get that kind of scar because they are cruel. One thing that doesn't match is that the Scavengers are supposed to keep Lena safe cuz they are paid to do so. And somehow I don't think that Alex's purpose is just to join Lena. I hate thinking Alex as a cruel person. But at least it's better than the next theory.

The most reasonable to me, yet the most horrifying one is that Alex is cured. It explains his word "Don't believe her." since that Lena is an Invalid and Alex knows that she escapes to the Wilds. Maybe in Delirium he's captured and is forced to have the procedure even though he struggles hard. That explains the scar. His eyes are hard and impenetrable. Although a cured's eyes are glassy (Do you recall that when Lena thinks about her Aunt Carol in Pandemonium, she thinks of her cured glassy eyes?). That doesn't mean much. Maybe he is measuring like a cure? If I recall, Lauren doesn't state about his clothes. It seems like the regulators have uniforms to wear. And we don't know what he is wearing. Again, one thing that the theory doesn't explain is the number behind his left ear. It's the specific numbers on the high-level Invalids/Scavengers (I don't know which one). I don't think regulators have that kind of numbers and I don't recall he has it in Delirium. Hope that he is not cured, or my heart will break into millions of pieces since that will make him Lena's enemy.

So what will happen if he is still not cured and stays like who he was in Delirium? I can tell that he will follow Lena and Raven to the Wilds and carry out the whole revolution thing. This is the most reasonable theory. But what if he's cured and become a regulator or a inhabitant? There will be a fight between Lena and Alex. But I don't know if there will be some miraculous thing happens in their own battle.



Well, Julian's life will never be the same. I can tell that he will definitely run to the Wilds with Lena no matter what happens to them. His father now knows that he is a traitor and he sides with the Invalids. He can never go back to his old life/before (I like the word before :]) and pretend nothing has ever happened. It's kind of confirmed. Otherwise I don't see he has much choices besides escaping to the Wilds or go back and get killed/cured. In my opinion he will choose a wiser choice, which is going to the Wilds.

Julian will definitely know the guy standing in front of Lena and him at the end of Pandemonium is Alex. He will definitely have to deal with Lena's supposed-dead boyfriend. Hope that his feelings are not too intense or he will go crazy. Yeah, despite the fact that I want Alex and Lena together, I like Julian too. Seeing a innocent guy hurt isn't going to make me happy (okay, maybe not so innocent, but definitely a million times better than his goddamn DFA father).

I think he has a chance to die because of either his illness or getting killed. I think illness wins because I don't think he will stay alive that long. I actually thinks that he will die at some point even though he wants to be a revolutionary to stand against Deliria-Free America. Battle loses because Julian is not fine enough to fight against a whole bunch of regulators and inhabitants. Even Lena is stronger than him, and I don't think Lena will have him fight along her side (well, at least not at first in Requiem).


Raven and Tack:

Raven is the broken girl in the whole trilogy. So I think there will be some serious change in her. Either she will be healed or she will become one of the Scavengers. I prefer the Raven who will be healed because that will be easier for her. Maybe she will slowly find the scattered parts of the real her throughout the revolution. Or perhaps she will become so fierce that she joins the Scavengers and aims on nothing but destruction.

Clearly if she stays in the circle of the regular Invalids, she will fight along Lena and Tack's side. And again she has a high possibility of dying. She has a tough live even before she joined the Wilds and the resistance. Maybe the Wilds will like "she is finally free from her pain" or something like that. But as she is not a main character in Pandemonium (well in then she IS a main character, but in Requiem we're talking about now), there is no obvious evidence to show whether she will die or not.

Tack, like Raven, is not a main character. He is not one even in then. But he is a friend of Lena, so I think Lena will be kind of sad if he dies in the battle for deliria. And if Raven dies, I wonder Tack will be on his soft side, crying for Raven, the leader of the Wilds, or his hard side, saying that "We can keep her. We have to move on" or something like that. It will be interesting to see his soft side. But I doubt we will ever see him like that.



She didn't even show up in Pandemonium. So Requiem is Lena and Hana's show. According to the summary of Requiem, the book will talk on both Lena and Hana's perspectives. And she is living a loveless and safe life with the young mayor as his fiance. That will be interesting to see her point of view in Requiem.

I seriously doubt that she is cured even though Lena thought so in Pandemonium. Even though she is living a loveless life doesn't mean she's cured for sure. And if she is cured, I don't think the author will state her perspective as if she is a main character because she will definitely be an enemy against Lena and the Wilds. And there will be no emotion in the stories of hers. So either she never has the procedure or the procedure doesn't work at all.

If she is not cured, I have a wild sense that she may help Lena in the end and stand against her future husband that is the young mayor of Portland even though in my opinion she is quite weak. I think this is a based theory. In Delirium, she appears to dislike the procedure and has doubts about it. So it seems like she can be not cured even though she's evaluated.

Hope that she will reunite Lena and fight for love together in Requiem.

I just have these seemingly reasonable theories for the characters. I don't have more wild and special ones. If you have some special theories, you can write a comment about your theories.

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