Friday, August 31, 2012

City of Bones Movie Day 9, The Silent City and Brother Zachariah

Hotel Dumort scenes again! The Dumort is perfect. It's gonna be interesting.

Check out some photos below:

To check out more photos, click the link below:

It's time to bring The City of Bones to life! Check out the first photo of bringing the Silent City to life.

Man, if they're in the City of Bones, that will be the REAL SILENT CITY!

To see the information more clearly, choose one link and click it:

Now it's the big thing in Clockwork Princess: Who the hell is Brother Zachariah?

In TMI source the builder says that Will can be Brother Jeremiah and Jem is Brother Zachariah, since that if Jem/Will choose to be a Silent Brother and the other will often choose the same way because of the parabatai thing.

But to me I think if the two of them are Silent Brothers, Will can be either Brother Jeremiah or Brother Zachariah. And so is Jem. If they're gonna be Silent Brothers, it doesn't really matter who is Jeremiah and Zachariah.

Well, at least they wouldn't die if they become Silent Brothers...until the death of Brother Jeremiah in City of Ashes.

Ugh, if Brother Jeremiah is either Will or Jem, and one of them died in City of Ashes, I am sure I will cry like hell. I wonder what will be like for Will/Jem and Tessa if Will/Jem died in City of Ashes.

Check out the whole theory from TMI source about Brother Zachariah by clicking the link below:
(Warning. Spoilers on the page below! If you haven't read City of Lost Souls, don't click the link below)

Hope that Brother Jeremiah is neither Will nor Jem. I don't really care who is Brother Zachariah when Jeremiah died in City of Ashes.

(Maybe I should start picking up clues of Brother Jeremiah. I figured I can't just focus on Brother Zachariah now.)

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