Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Legion: Unbreakable and Unbound Info

Like her co-writer Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia will also write a series on her own after Beautiful Redemption!

Series: Legion

Book 1: Unbreakable


Kennedy Waters’ entire life changes when she finds her mother dead and discovers she is a member of a secret society formed two hundred years ago to protect the world from a powerful demon determined to find a way out of his dimension and into ours, and from the dangerous spirits he controls.

Well, I think it will be a good story. But it's not as thrilling as Icons for me. I think the short summary is a little bit like Mortal Instruments. And I LOVE Mortal Instruments. I think Icons is more random, and more unique on its own. But still, I look forward to see how they work on their own.

Expected Publication: 2013

The Sequel of Legion, Unbound, will be released in 2014.

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