Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Icons: The Book of Sorrow Info

A new series from the bestselling Caster Chronicles series author Margaret Stohl!

It's named Icons.

Here's the info of Book 1: The Book of Sorrow


Three hundred years in the future, the planet has been invaded by an invisible yet deadly alien race, turning the Earth into a post-apocalyptic landscape. The world was overcome when major buildings on each continent were turned into icons – menacing towers that have the ability to interrupt the natural energy field that is the source of all life. In the blink of an eye, an icon can shut down all forms of energy, turning plants, animals and humans to dust. Outside of urban enters where the icons are based, there lies a small but real resistance movement that dreams of returning the Earth to its "childhood" when people were free to live their own lives and set their own destinies. It is in these grasslands that four children are born immune to the devastating and destructive power of the icons. Each of these children have somehow been bred so that in each, one particular emotion wields tremendous power – power enough to stand up against the icons….

The first in a planned five-book series, ICONS: The Book of Sorrow is a gripping beginning to an incredible new saga

Expected Publication: 2013

Sounds Thrilling. I think I'm gonna like this series. Hope that 2013 will come soon. I want so many books right now (Just look at how addicting Clockwork Princess and Divergent is)


P.S. I can't promise this is the most accurate info. But it's the best website I can get.


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