Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clockwork Princess: New Snippet!

Another new snippet from Clockwork Princess in honor of Will's victory in YA Crush Tourney! Check it out:

“By the Angel, Bridget’s depressing,” said Henry, setting down his newspaper directly on his plate and causing the edge to soak through with egg yolk. Charlotte opened her mouth as if to object, and closed it again. “It’s all heartbreak, death and unrequited love.”
“Well, that is what most songs are about,” said Will. “Requited love is nice, but it doesn’t make much of a ballad.”

Yeah, requited love is nice, especially when you can't even get your hands on it.

What I am curious about is what Bridget had sung. Because it kinda sounded like some prophecy for Will. And Will is now pretending that he is not the one who was heartbroken because of his unrequited love for Tessa? Well, typical Will. Especially for the last sentence.Trying to make some sarcastic remark that is really unsuccessful in the fans' eyes.

Ugh. Guess his love will never be returned on some level.

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