Monday, July 30, 2012

Match #19 - #22: Huge Wave of Emotions

What the heck is goin' on with the result of Match #19!

Come on, Four deserves more votes, okay? I think the two of them having the same number of votes is the best result.

keening slightly

Poor Four, he couldn't win in either the first and the second YA Crush Tourney (Real ANGRY)


Good one in Match #20!

Team Cassie definitely has the effect on all the YA fans.

Cuz Jem has won the second battle!

Just hope that he will keep winning

But sometimes Team Cassie is not a good thing

Because Patch falls behind Simon in Match #21!

Hey I love both guys, and Patch deserves more votes.

Just freaking vote for him, Hush Hush fans.

I too.

How about you?

(P.S. The reason I didn't vote for Simon is that I can't tell my friends vote for him after I saw the percentages despite the fact that Simon is a sweet and hot guy)


One thing that Team Cassie HAS TO do.

That is VOTE FOR ALEC in Match #22!!!

And he falls behind Adrian (What the hell)

Just one information, I don't really like Vampire Academy, so I will always vote for our blue-eyed (Herondale-eyed) Alec.

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