Monday, July 30, 2012

Clockwork Princess: 2 New Snippets!

Two new snippets from Clockwork Princess! Check them out:

Will’s eyes met Tessa’s as she came closer, almost tripping again over the torn hem of her gown. For a moment, they were in perfect understanding. Jem was what they could still look each other straight in the eye about. On the topic of Jem, they were both fierce and unyielding. Tessa saw Will’s hand tighten on Jem’s sleeve. “She’s here,” he said.
Jem’s eyes opened slowly. Tessa fought to keep the look of shock from her face. His pupils were blown out, his irises a thin ring of silver around the black. “Ni shou shang le ma, quin ai de?” he whispered.

Alright, a Jem, Will and Tessa scene. But what had happened? The torn hem of her gown? A small battle? And what does it mean She's here?  That they thought something real bad had happened to Tessa? Or other things?

Damn, this is annoying yet addicting. Cassie keep sending us confusing snippets and move our poor emotions. Just that Jem asked Tessa whether she was hurt or not is real... unnerving(I can't think of one better word). And the fact that Jem's pupils were blown out is quite horrifying? What was it about? Fear for Tessa or entirely something else?

Who knows...



“I am not at your beck and call,” Magnus said. “I helped with de Quincey because Camille requested it of me, and Will once, because he offered me a favor in return. I am a warlock. And I do not serve Shadowhunters for free.”

Who was he talking to? I am sure that he was talking to a Shadowhunter? But who was he/she? Charlotte? Benedict? or even Gabriel? (Remember the snippet that Gabriel found Magnus?) And what did he/she want? That was a little bit confusing.

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