Thursday, June 21, 2012

YA Crush Tourney (32 Team Single Elimination)

Finally! The top 32 is gonna have a great YA battle! Will is at the first place, of course, with 1070 votes(cheering happily). Adrian is the next, with 1068 votes (wow~ so close). Dimitri is at the third place, with 914 votes. Four is at the forth place (What!? and he is at the FORTH place?!), with 813 votes. Jem is at the fifth place(What the hell is with THIS place!!!!???? I kinda FORBID it), with 710 votes. Patch is at the seventh(Again, wanna kick some butt), with 642 votes. Simon, Magnus and Alec are at 10th place(470 votes), 13th place (455 votes) and 15th place (410 votes) respectively.

Okay I didn't even read VA, so the results of Adrian and Dimitri have nothing to do with me(Hopefully I won't hurt the fans). I care about the results of the hot guys I nominated.

Will: Of course, really happy to see he is at the first place! hopefully he will be the winner of 2nd YA Crush Tourney. And from the results I can see that people are more Team Will than Team Jem (which is somehow a sad thing). He is battling with Vincent (Die for me) in the first stage of elimination. Please win, or I will be like Are you Serious!?

Four: It's makes me a little bit annoyed that Four is only at the forth place. C'mon, I had expected a better result. But he has to win the first stage over Tucker (Unearthly). Divergent is good. Insurgent is GREAT. and Four is SEXY and HOT and REAL KIND. Again, I want him to win the first battle.

Jem: I almost stormed out the room and throw things when I saw his result. What is with THIS fifth place? Jem IS sweet, kind. Doesn't he deserves a better result? I am really sad and exasperated by this. Jem HAS TO win the first stage of elimination over Gale (And honestly I don't find myself loving Gale that much)

Patch: Oh come on, he is at the 7th place? I didn't really believe that freaking result when I first saw it (and I hope that this IS really fake). Maybe Finale should come out faster, and Patch can get a higher votes because of that need-to-wait-for-a-long-time book. He will be battling with Percy (Percy Jackson) in the first stage of elimination. Again, he HAS TO win!

Simon, Magnus, and Alec: Since they are not the main characters (okay, they are growing more and more important throughout the series, and Simon is DEFINITELY a main character), I don't really expect them to get in the top 10 place. But Simon did it! Yay! (Although I expected I better result for him) As for Magnus and Alec, they deserve a better place, especially for Magnus. Magnus is one of my favorite fictional guys of all time. He is cute and sexy and really good to Alec. He DOES deserve a better place! One more piece of information: Simon will battle Etienee (Anna and the French Kiss), Magnus will battle Tod (Soul Screamers), and Alec will battle Noah (The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer) in the first stage. Hope they will win! (Praying~)

P.S. Where is Daniel? Why doesn't he at the first 32 places? He is really romantic in Rapture! He deserves one place in these 32 places. He should be battling with someone at this point! This is real sad and frustrating.

I will keep checking Twitter. I want to get the latest information.

Last words: The guys I nominated had better win this freaking first stage!

(Information from YA Sisterhood: Bracket for 2nd Annual YA Crush Tourney)

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