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The Infernal Devices: Theories, Links, Comments

So every TID fans are really excited about the upcoming book of Cassandra Clare: Clockwork Princess(The Infernal Devices #3). So here are the things:

1. The releasing date:
Comment about it: Oh come on, how can you do this to us?! It is way too long for us to wait! Why did you change it from November 2012 to March 2013? If the world's goin' to end, I will never read this book!

The latest releasing date: March 13,2013

Theories about Clockwork Princess: So people are really want to see what will happen in CP2, and people are making theories about it. So here are the possibilities

For Tessa:
I. She would be with Will, and this is a obvious possibility, because Tessa could never love others in the way she loved Will, and so was Will. In my opinion I will love this, but I can't bear to see Jem hurt because of it. And this ending will be like Jace and Clary(As Jace's personality is related to Will in many ways, according to Magnus's vow and many other fans. And Clary would be like Tessa, choosing between Jace(Will) and Simon(Jem)
II. Another obvious possibility is that she would stay with Jem, because 1. She loves Jem, 2. She couldn't and wouldn't hurt his feelings, 3. She knew that it would hurt Will if she hurt Jem. I love this too, but I think that is not fair to Will, because Tessa couldn't return her real feelings, and Will would be like "So I guess she doesn't love me". I don't want to see him hurt. What a tangled love.
III. She would go back to New York with Magnus, and leave the two boys, and there are some reasons to support this theory. 1. Tessa couldn't see one of them hurt (or both), and she chose to leave. 2. Tessa's home was in New York. But the main part is if she left, what would the boys think. Maybe they would like "We can never understand what girls were thinking" and went back to their lives. Or maybe they would like "why did she left? She couldn't left!" but they could do nothing about it
IV. She would be dead. Maybe she would die in Mortmain's hands, or she killed herself. That explains why her pendant is in Mahattan Institute(because she was a New Yorker and Magnus take the pendant to the Institute)

For Will:
I. He would be with Tessa. This is so obvious. He loved Tessa in a way that no one else could(or at least he thought so). And maybe he would tell his feelings to Jem. Many fans that this is what will probably happen. And I also think so. He might even broke with Jem for Tessa's sake and that may fit in the unidentified snippet in TMI source: his parabatai rune was bleeding.
II. He would become a Silent Brother. Maybe even the mysterious Brother Zachariah in CoFA and CoLS. In the end of CoLS, Brother Zachariah said that he would die for two people before the Brotherhood. The two people could be Jem and Tessa.
III. He would be dead, which is a very sad possibility. Maybe he died in fighting the Clockwork creatures in the battle mentioned in the Summary of Clockwork Princess. But I think the Team Will fans will not allow this to happen. And I can't see him die either.
IV. He would fled with Cecily or to Idris to escape Tessa/Jem. Maybe he just can't bear to see Tessa and Jem together, but since that he could do nothing about it, he chose to fled. This is just my opinion.

For Jem:
I. He would never be with Tessa. This is a obvious possibility too. Many fans are certain that Jem would eventually know the relationship between Tessa and Will. And as he is kind, maybe he would just tell Will to be with Tessa, and sacrificed his love. I can't really bear to see Jem hurt since that he loved Tessa too, this is not fair to him. But maybe YA novels are YA novels, you can't change the rule. And he might become a Silent Brother to escape Tessa or his death. We don't know that what will happen if a Shadowhunter becomes a Silent Brother. Maybe his illness will be healed. Another possibility that he would be dead because of 1. his illness, 2. the fight with those clockwork creatures, 3. suiside (which sounds a little bit lame)
II. He would still be with Tessa, if Will didn't tell him the truth in CP2. The possibility is high, but it's just for the part of being with Tessa. I think Jem would know all about the whole relationship from Tessa or Will or Cecily.

What may happen in Clockwork Princess:
1. Tessa will either be with one of the two boys she loved more than anything else or none
2. Either Will or Jem will die and the another one will become a Silent Brother (or either Will or Jem will be with Tessa and another one will die/become a Silent Brother)
3. Maybe Henry will die, so it explains that why there are no Branwells (only Fairchilds) in TMI
4. Sophie and Gideon will be together, which is very obvious.
5. Mortmain will be dead, which is obvious too, if he will not be dead, all the Shadowhunters will die and there would be no TMI and TDA

Theories about Cecily Herondale
I really wonder why Cecily suddenly appeared in the Institute, and I think there are 3 theories

I. She came for Will's sake. This is obvious, because Cecily is Will's younger sister. This made sense if she came for him.
II. She is a spy. According to the letter Regnor Fell gave to Charlotte in Clockwork Prince, it had mentioned that the house of the Herondales were given by Mortmain. Maybe Cecily was working for Mortmain because of it
III. Many people say that she will be with Jem/Gabriel in CP2. And I think it's like matching games, which is slightly annoying

Links between TMI and TID

1.About the star-shaped mark on Jace's shoulder
According to the coversation between Jace and Amatis in City of Glass, one of the early Herondales was vistied by the Angel in a dream and when the Herondale woke up a star-shaped mark appear on the shoulder. Since then every Herondales have this mark. But it seems that Will didn't have the mark in Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. So may be he was the "one of the early Herondales". And the event may happen in CP2

2.About the Clockwork Angel Pendant
In City of Lost Souls, Cassandra Clare mentioned that the Mahattan Institute had the Clockwork Angel Pendant which belonged to Tessa, and since that Tessa mentioned that she would always wear the pendant, why the pendant appeared in the Institute? I have several theories in the previous passage.

3. About the dagger
The Herondale dagger were mentioned several times in TMI, and it seems that there is no Herondale dagger in TID world. So how come the Herondale dagger mentioned in TMI? Guess we will find out in CP2. Although I doubt it.

4. About the JG in the prison of Silent City
In City of Fallen Angels, Jace saw the JG on the wall and wonder what it meant. According to Chapter 17 in Clockwork Prince, Tessa assumed that she saw Jessamine write the word with a gem in a dream, but now it seems like Jessamine actually wrote those words on the wall.

About the whole Team Will and Team Jem thing
Okay I know that many fans are in either Team Will and Team Jem. I think it is quite annoying in some ways because c'mon, I can't see why people can't love the two guys at the same time. I love Will and Jem equally and absolutely don't wanna see them to get hurt. So I think sometimes we should stop discussing the whole Team thing.

About those outtakes
I think Cassadra Clare should write the whole Balcony Scene(DSBS) in Will's perspective as a new outtake. That will be awesome because we can just see the Balcony Scene in Tessa's PoV. And maybe Ms. Clare can even write the whole drawing room scene in Will's perspective too, but I think this is not that important since that we know clearly what Will were thinking.

About the Morgensterns
I am a little bit disappointed that Cassandra Clare didn't mention about the Morgensterns in TID. I know the setting was in London, and the Morgensterns are Swiss. But still I wanna see the ancestors of the Morgensterns. That will be fun.

About the releasing date:
I think Cassandra Clare should talk to the publisher about the publishing date. If the world truly ends in December 21,2012, all the TID fans will be real upset. I can't wait for this book. I. WANT. TO. READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW.

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