Friday, August 14, 2015

The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas: Review


In a pursuit that has spanned continents, Iolanthe, Titus, and their friends have always managed to remain one step ahead of the forces of Atlantis. But now the Bane, the monstrous tyrant who bestrides the entire mage world, has issued his ultimatum: Titus must hand over Iolanthe, or watch as his entire realm is destroyed in a deadly rampage. Running out of time and options, Iolanthe and Titus must act decisively to deliver a final blow to the Bane, ending his reign of terror for good.

However, getting to the Bane means accomplishing the impossible—finding a way to infiltrate his crypt in the deepest recesses of the most ferociously guarded fortress in Atlantis. And everything is only made more difficult when new prophecies come to light, foretelling a doomed effort....

Iolanthe and Titus will put their love and their lives on the line. But will it be enough?

With The Immortal Heights, Sherry Thomas brings the acclaimed Elemental Trilogy to its breathtaking conclusion.


"A prayer of courage," murmured Kashkari, "the kind of courage for facing the end of the road." It was quite possibly the most beautiful song Iolanthe had ever heard, as haunting as it was stirring. "'For what is the Void but the beginning of Light?'" said Titus, quoting from the Adamantine aria. "'What is Light but the end of Fear?"'

Truly a nice conclusion to the series. While I actually really like reading and re-reading the previous two books, I'm not attached to this series like I do some other ones. But this is a book that I love, with all the turns and twists and an ending that is the most unexpected. 

Iolanthe and Titus has to defeat the Bane. But when an ultimatum is forced upon them, they have to take drastic measures as a last ditch effort. However, their methods are anything but safe. Old and new prophecies revealed failure that is inevitable. It's entirely up to them to turn the tables.

I like how there is no information dumping in this book. I guess it has to do with the fact that so many things are happening at once (partly). But it's okay. There is a lot of action involved and a lot of clever strategizing. Both Iolanthe and Titus has reached their darkest pits and innermost strengths in this book. No break time for you, just intense plots and twists. I love it.

It's kinda hard to write this review without wanting to reveal spoilers. However, to be more precise, there are certain moments that irritates me. Not because anyone or anything is being annoying. It's just that the author is good at keeping mysteries in the dark, so much so that there are times where Iolanthe and Fairfax are like separate people. Which is clearly not true. There are also moments when the truth is revealed so late that I thought I missed something from the plot. I don't like feeling stupid, after all. However, I have actually grown to like it, because it captures my attention perfectly. That can actually be classified as one of the special features of this book. 

And then there's the ending. Let's just say there are surprising details in it. I wouldn't say if it's a good or a bad ending for the characters [though it's pretty (mostly) obvious], because the book hasn't been officially released yet, but I like it. It's unexpected but natural. I'm happy that I read these three books.

Rating: 8/10

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