Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tether by Anna Jarzab: Review


Tether, the sequel to Tandem, continues the captivating tale of rebellion and romance that spans parallel worlds.

Everything repeats.

Sasha expected things to go back to normal once she got back on Earth. But now that she knows parallel worlds are real, and that an alternate version of herself exists in a world called Aurora, her old life no longer seems to make sense . . . and her heart breaks daily for Thomas, the boy she left behind. Troubled by mysterious, often terrifying visions and the echoes of a self she was just beginning to discover, Sasha makes the difficult decision to journey once more through the tandem.

Thomas is waiting for her on the other side, and so is strange, otherworldly Selene, Sasha’s analog from a third universe. Sasha, Selene, and their other analog, Juliana, have a joint destiny, and a new remarkable power, one that could mean salvation for Selene’s dying planet. With Thomas’s help, Sasha and Selene search for the missing Juliana. But even if they can locate her, is Sasha willing to turn her back on love to pursue a fate she’s not sure she believes in?


"And on that day, when the sparrow, the starling, and the lark fly together, it shall bring about the new world, and all that was once will be again."

Tether is the sequel of Tandem. After Sasha's unexpected journey to Aurora, she's shaken by the aftermath of it and is determined to fine Thomas. This is the second part of her story and it features a whole new character - another analog from another universe. It is probably the weirdest thing I've ever imagine. How can you visualize three analogs of Sasha with practically the same physical features but with different personalities? I have mixed feelings about three analogs being put together. The good thing is that it's hard to see them as people with the same appearance, because their characters are so different. Sasha is a determined heroine that we are now familiar with. Juliana is a more hysterical and insecure version of Sasha. Selene is a mysterious girl with special abilities and a secret agenda. At least they are all different. I can't imagine tolerating three Sashas, even though she's a decent character. The bad thing is that it's hard to keep up with the switch of perspectives. I expected more character development on Sasha's part, but it's poorly delivered. Selene's character is not strong either, other than being a mysterious girl from another universe. Juliana is the analog who receives the greatest character development, but her point of view is quite messy and scattered. Either way, it's not something you will experience every day.

I remember liking Tandem a lot. The first book is definitely not the best start of a series, but it's got promise. However, Tether hardly meets up my expectations. The plot is nowhere as fun as that in Tandem. While there are still potential risks in this book, it doesn't really lurk at a corner of my mind. It's problematic because it's hard to focus on the plot when there's no danger. I didn't get to experience the excitement or anticipation when things explode. The fact that Selene is supposed to be a wild card is overlooked. Logically, she's not trustworthy. I grasp the fact that the shock would be potent should Selene betray everyone, but she's way too timid in this book. She doesn't even behave like a wild card with questionable behaviors. It's so hard to be cautious and attentive.

What's rich in Tandem doesn't really make it to Tether. If I remember correctly, there are a lot of bonding moments between Sasha and Thomas in the first book. I enjoy those moments very much. However, the relationship development falls short in Tether. Sasha is occupied by her mission to save another planet, and Thomas is careful not to expose his feelings for Sasha in an uncontrollable way. They are great partners, but that's pretty much all they are in this book. The chemistry is absent, and I don't like it.

Despite all the things in Tether that I'm not satisfied with, the ending is a good cliffhanger that will bring me to the next book. I hope the last installment of the trilogy will be dynamic.

Rating: 4/10

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