Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Unchosen: Review


I thought the worst of my reaper training was behind me… turns out I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Molly Bartolucci has done a lot of growing up but after being accused of using illegal magic at her school for necromancers, reaper-in-training Molly is treading lightly. As the destined leader of Anubis’s Chosen, she needs to study hard, train harder, and stay out of trouble.

Uh, right.

It doesn’t help that she’s feeling more than academic about her melt-your-bones hot reaping instructor, Rath. And if her relationship drama isn’t enough to drive her over the edge, she has to deal with mother issues, nosy little sisters, suspicious friends, and an unnamed force stalking her at school.

Then her family is attacked, and her bio-dad ends up comatose in the hospital. Now, Molly has to uncover who’s trying to hurt her loved ones—and all without the help of Anubis.


Uh... where can I start? Okay, so Molly is a sort of reaper-in-training who is in big, big trouble. And then she has to get herself out of sticky situations. with the help of her hot reaper...um, instructor Rath. But things go out of control at some point, and Molly finds herself in even deeper trouble than she thought. The plot is slightly better in Unchosen than in Undeadly, but the fact that I've forgotten most of the stuff happened in Undeadly makes understanding the plot so much harder. So yeah, forgetting is kind of a killjoy.

Molly... I don't know what to say about her. Okay she's quick-witted and really nice. This is supposed to be a nice combination. Unfortunately her words doesn't sit well with me. It's really childish. Surely there are more ways to be sarcastic than using these words? Not that I hate it, but I'm not very comfortable with them. The characters also have little personality of their own, which is frustrating because I don't know what to enjoy in this book.

Back to the plot. It's a little messy. Not as bad as in Undeadly, but still it's a significant problem. There are some things that are brought up and those ends are not tied up properly. I was like, "uh, have you forgotten that this thing exists at some point of the story?" I hate to say it, but this series has the potential to put an end to all interest I have for YA novels set in some sort of academy (if there was no Mythos Academy series to redeem my interest). 

But aside the problems that still exists in this book, there are some things improved. Despite the characters' lack of strong personalities, there's significant character development in Molly. There's also some well-made plot development in Unchosen, and the ending suits fine with the book. I hope that Unbroken will be so much better.

Rating: 6/10 

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