Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Horde: Review


The epic conclusion to the USA Today bestselling trilogy.

The horde is coming.

Salvation is surrounded, monsters at the gates, and this time, they're not going away. When Deuce, Fade, Stalker and Tegan set out, the odds are against them. But the odds have been stacked against Deuce from the moment she was born. She might not be a Huntress anymore, but she doesn't run. With her knives in hand and her companions at her side, she will not falter, whether fighting for her life or Fade's love.

Ahead, the battle of a lifetime awaits. Freaks are everywhere, attacking settlements, setting up scouts, perimeters, and patrols. There hasn't been a war like this in centuries, and humans have forgotten how to stand and fight. Unless Deuce can lead them.

This time, however, more than the fate of a single enclave or outpost hangs in the balance. This time, Deuce carries the banner for the survival of all humanity.


Okay, this can be one of the better series I've ever read. This book is quite epic. The Freaks belonging to the horde are getting more cunning and stronger. They want to take over the world because of their hatred and pain. Deuce is the one leading the people in Salvation and recruiting others to defeat those once and for all. And along the way she has to make unlikely allegiance. 

As much as I love all the action in the scene, I think the emotional threads are more gut-wrenching. The relationship between Fade and Deuce, Deuce's determination to save as many people as she can. There are no words. I can't help but smile all the way from the first page of the book, even though I know very well that the situation in Horde is anything but smile-able. Few books can make me smile like this. And this is one of them. Great job.

And of course, the action sequences are nothing short of amazing. Ann Aguirre never gives us a chance to get relaxed, get bored. Deuce fights along her journey to her final goal. It's not just bloody. It's brutal and violent. I think I sound like a delusional girl, but I really like brutal wars and battles. Damn, I hate that the series is over, because this is probably what I will miss most, besides Deuce and Fade and Stalker and Tegan.

I still can't really make peace with the fact that Stalker can't really get a chance to prove himself a main character. I really, really do like Stalker. But I'm still happy that Stalker has the ending that suits him. And besides this, everything else is really good and satisfying. Horde is one of the best endings I've encountered. 

*Happy sigh

Rating: 9/10

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