Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Untouched: Review


Until he met Dez, Kale’s days were filled with violence and death. He was used as a weapon of destruction by the power hungry men of Denazen. He’s a Six. A person with an abnormal ability. Some people call them gifts, but not Kale. Kale’s touch means instant death.

But now there’s Dez, the girl he can touch, and they’re hunting down Sixes and warning them about Denazen. Kale is learning about the world outside captivity and trying to put his dark past behind him. But they underestimated how badly Denazen wanted him back.

When Dez sacrifices herself to save the new Six they’d rescued from falling into the corp’s hands, Kale is lost. Denazen has brought out its best to get the job done. Samsen, a nightmare from Kale’s past—the only person he’s ever truly feared—has come for them, and it soon becomes obvious he has his own twisted agenda.

Kale will need all his training to get Dez back and ensure they make it out, free—and alive. But will it be enough?


It's a nice short novella set between Touch and Toxic. We actually reads about some good time between Dez and Kale. It's fresh because they faced a lot of trouble and don't have some private time for themselves in Touch. We also get a glimpse of what Kale's mind is like. Still innocent and curious, he's still really lovable. A new character is also introduced, which will also be in Toxic. We also have a better taste of what violence really feels like in the world of Denazen because all there is in Touch are rumors about how cruel and violent Denazen is. 

I'm reading Toxic and so far I really like it. But before reading Toxic I read some of the reviews that suggest I may not like some of the plots and outcomes. Well... we'll just have to see about that.

Rating: 8/10

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