Friday, August 30, 2013

Get Pieces of Perfect on Amazon During Labor Day Weekends!

Yep, Pieces of Perfect by Elizabeth Hayley. You can get it on Amazon for 25% off on Amazon during the Labor Day sale this Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I do believe you want a hot book at the end of the summer :)


Book boyfriends are a dime a dozen. But fictional loves of your life aren’t. Max and Adam, from Elizabeth Hayley’s debut novel Pieces of Perfect, are the guys every woman dreams of falling in love with. Adam will move you with his kind sensibility, his sensual nature, and his fierce protectiveness. And he trips for his girl, ladies! There’s no beating that. Max is the bad boy your mother warned you about. A sexy as sin professional athlete who longs to be tamed by the woman who owns his heart. They both want Lily, but she faces the same problem you will: which one does she love more? Good luck in your quest to choose just one.

(Only suitable for 17+)


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