Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: What If I Can't Read Books In The Future

Weird topic, right? And you might think, "There's no way you will not be able to read books in the future!" Maybe I should modify the topic to "What If I Have To Read Fewer Books In The Future". Yeah.

I'm a book lover. Although I like blogging and enjoys the anticipation and excitement of sharing things and feelings with someone alike, reading books is my real thing. But here's the problem. I am going to be a secondary 4 student after this summer holiday, which means in the US I will be a high school student soon. You might say, "hey, that means your life will official start soon!" In places like the US, it might be true. But while my life will official start in the coming September, my torture also will.

See, the education system in this city aka HK is very different from countries like the US, Canada and so on. Students in our city can never enjoy themselves much in their, um, senior years. Our lives become all these: studying, studying, and more studying. Boring, huh? Very on some levels, and definitely not on the others, because our time will be so occupied by huges waves of homework and tests and exams and trips and projects and everything you can think of involvin academic works. Hell, we don't even have time to sleep much during the upcoming three years. I'm really afraid I can't read much in this three years and this thought is very, very irritating. I hate not being able to do something I truly want to do because of something that is considered "mandatory" but never "satisfactory".

And here comes the other question: How to deal with it?

I can think of some plans, some are very satisfying but I know I will never be able to carry out, and some are really not satisfying which makes it hard to carry out.

1. Decrease my time in sleeping and use the excess time to read: That is a very satisfying thought. I mean, if I could choose not to sleep with my will then I would probably never going to sleep. But the problem is, I suck at copping with my drifting eyes. Few can stop me when I want to sleep. That means, little time for reading.

2. Decrease my time in studying....?!: I very much want to, but the harsh reality keeps pulling me back from this fantasy because these three years are key to my enrollment to college three years after and if I fail, that will definitely suck butt. So while I very much want to carry this out, I can't. You know, the mandatory shit and all.

3. Decrease my time in reading: Apparently that's the only way out. In fact I (painfully) decreased my time in reading in the final exams earlier on. I know what needs to be done for the greater good, but let's just say a part of my brain/heart/soul/whatever resents and despise this idea so much. Yep, this is the only way out, but that doesn't mean I have to even remotely like it. Damn, I hate that idea so much.

Okay, done with the senseless blabbering and cursing. Life is thick with little pains (nah, that is a huge pain in my ass, but whatever). Back to my... nope, not studying, not doing homework. My Whatsapp account. 

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