Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Assassin and The Underworld: Review


When the King of the Assassins gives Celaena Sardothien a special assignment that will help fight slavery in the kingdom, she jumps at the chance to strike a blow against an evil practice. The misson is a dark and deadly affair which takes Celaena from the rooftops of the city to the bottom of the sewer—and she doesn’t like what she finds there.


The Assassin and The Underworld takes place after The Assassin and The Desert, where Celaena Sardothein completed her quest with the Silent Assassins and back to North. This book is... slightly annoying but nothing intolerable. Because there are (SPOILER!) a tad bit of girl fights. (End of spoiler) And there are some real honest-to-god declarations. 

In this story what you can expect are rage and despair. Don't worry, not as much as you think. But in this novella, there are some twists in the plot that you will hardly be able to imagine and process. And yeah, it makes me angry because it's Celaena who feels DESPAIR, an emotion that the best assassin should not feel. I really, really feel bad for her this time. Surprisingly she's not as cocky as before. The days in the desert did her good.

Overall this book is just as good as The Assassin and The Desert. But this book raises a lot of questions. I don't know if Sam will show up in Throne of Glass, but I will be terribly annoyed if he doesn't. I kinda like him, actually.

Rating: 7.5/10

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