Saturday, July 6, 2013

Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Um, no blurb here. Sorry. But then I'm using some sort of safety mode here so I'm not going to do much.

Okay, so this is Despicable Me 2, sequel of the 2010 animation film Despicable Me. It's a movie that people of any age will like to watch. Although I have to say there are some really cheesy parts that I can't help but roll my eyes, I have to say every one, especially children, should watch this.

In this movie, Gru is transformed from the super villain to a "legitimate businessman". He's also father of the three ex-orphans Margo, Edith and Agnes. He's recruited by a secret organization called the Anti-Villain League. He's about to arrest one of the baddest villain in history.

The best part of the movie is the minions. Aw, aren't they adorable. I love their giggles, gibberish, slightly crazy actions and the cute voice. There are two scenes that I especially like:

and this:

The minions are probably the main reason that I watch this movie in the theater because I normally don't have money to do so.

But while I enjoy watching the whole movie, I have to say there are some really jaw-dropping parts that I find it... a tad cheesy. Like Margo falling for Antonio. I was just like, "Seriously? Are you falling for that guy?" Their first meeting is like straight from Disney Channel and I don't really approve it. But these slightly annoying scenes don't affect the major good and I can totally say this movie is just as good as the first one in many aspects.

So if you are still hesitating, stop it and go watch it. It will worth your money.

Rating: 7/10

P.S. In case you are wonder why I'm writing a movie review that has nothing to do with books on a book blog, well I like this movie and I feel like I should give it a review, even though I'm not that good at doing it.

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  1. Maybe these movies just aren’t my thing because I did not enjoy myself too much here. Good review Katy.