Monday, July 22, 2013

Ethereal Knights: Review


Young Adult Paranormal Romance

A point of view novel: Ethereal (Celestra Series Book 1) rewritten through Logan and Gage’s perspective.

Angels still roam the earth through Nephilim bloodlines. The battle for power between angelic factions intensifies when a new girl moves to Paragon Island.

Logan and Gage Oliver are captivated by Paragon’s newest resident, Skyla Messenger. Logan believes she is the Celestra destined to grow to a ripe old age with him, and Gage believes she’s the girl prophesized to be his.

The battle lines are drawn as both Olivers vie for her attention while danger lurks around every corner, and they must work together to keep Skyla safe. Logan fights to keep his new relationship with Skyla, but destiny alters his plans and he must make a decision that might cost him Skyla forever.

*Language/ mature situations.


Okay, I have no idea why I even read this. Because I don't like Celestra series. I'm definitely not into Ethereal, and I don't like Tremble, and I can't even finish Burn. But I guess curiosity can rule. I mean, it's a point of view NOVEL, not just a scene but an entire novel rewritten. I guess that's kind of new for me. Hey it never hurts to read point of view novels, especially when it's rewritten in a boy's point of view.

So this book is not about impressing readers with excitement, because if you read this, you pretty much know what Ethereal is about, and all it's left are the... feels, I guess? That's where the problem lies. I'm totally not into Logan or Gage, and I cannot understand why they are so into Skyla just because of some prophecy (maybe it's because of the whole "prophecies can change" from Covenant series). Anyway, so their affections matters little to me. If you like Celestra series, I think you will love this book, but since I'm not one of them, the whole affection part doesn't work for me.

But there's a good thing though. It's kinda hilarious with the words, especially in the first few... uh, rewritten chapters. I have no idea why it's so hilarious to see them curse, but it is. At least the words are more, what, lively than before. Certainly better than Ethereal. But the bad thing is, that's pretty much the ONLY good thing I can think of.

Since this is a point of view book rewritten from an original one, I feel like I can never rate this properly. But if you really want me to say something, I can only tell you that I'm not into this book.

Rating: 6/10

P.S. I'm not so sure about picking up Burn again and finish the series. I can't promise that I will never pick it up again. But for now, I just can't keep on reading it. Time to move on.

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