Thursday, June 27, 2013

After Daybreak: Review


Dawn returns from L.A. with terrifying news: In his greed for power, the maniacal Day Walker Sin is raising an army and infecting his followers with the Thirst—a rabieslike disease that will turn them into mindless killers. To stop him, Dawn and Victor will have to convince humans and vampires to work together before it’s too late.


I have to say, this book is a let down. Not the most terrible one, but still a disappointment to me. The biggest problem is the ending. It's a rush. Literally. The truly good part lasts only for a chapter or two, and that's NOT enough for me, especially when this book is the end of a trilogy. And even the good part isn't especially good or epic. It's just...not only is everything so predictable, defeating Sin is just too easy. I mean, he's a freaking Day Walker from an Old Family that is Infected by the Thirst. He's supposed to be very powerful, and yet it takes almost nothing and no time to defeat the big enemy. I literally faceplanted on the table after I read this part. 

The second let down is probably the whole plot itself. It's so slow at the first part, and then when it comes to some important parts that are crucial to the plot development, everything is so fast and so much of a rush that you can say there's hardly anything extremely important going on before the supposed "epic" battle. I expected more than that and this makes me really disappointed.

The only real good thing about the book is probably Dawn herself. At least she's finally not whining about how hard things between her and Victor and truly take up the responsibility of being one of the... specials. Victor... well, I don't hate him because there's simply nothing to hate in After Daybreak. But his character is even flatter than before to me. 

Overall, I hate to say it but the neither the plot nor the characters are strong enough to make an impression. After Daybreak can be way better than that.

Rating: 5.5/10

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