Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: The One by Kiera Cass

The Elite was released on April 23 this year. And damn if it isn't one pain in the ass hell of a read. Okay, sorry 'bout the pain-in-the-ass but that is how I felt when I finished the book. \

Check my review of The Elite here:

Okay, moving on to the finale of the trilogy, The One.

Avoid this post if you haven't read The Elite.

The title:

Personally, I think the title is way too spoilery. It's like declaring Maxon/America forever and I'm like "meh". Come on, neither of the boys deserve America. Unless you are telling me America is the ONE who overthrows the kingdom through rebellious ways. That will be much better (Although I highly doubt its possibility).

The cover:

Um... if the whole she's the future princess/queen thing is true, then I'm really expecting a wedding gown. Not that it is definitely white, but it might actually be a freaking wedding gown. But... white? A white book? That's a little hard to imagine....


1) America vs Clarkson: Oh, if you remember the last scenes, it's Clarkson declaring war on America to get her out of the palace. I believe more word battle and glaring eyes will come alive in the third book

2) Rebellion: They will definitely be more savage/determined/desperate, especially when the Southerners are seemingly so... fond of America. That will be an interesting twist. I can't wait to see how this will be carried out

3) The Italians: If you remember, the Italians said that they will help America to get the crown if she asks them. I think this might actually happen since... if America truly wants the crown, getting help from the Italians is so much better than facing the obstacle alone.

4) Girl-fights: I have a feeling that girl fights might not be that intense in this book because America might be busy preparing to overthrow the caste system AT LEAST. I'm so freaking tired of Celeste.

5) Kriss: Yeah, the nice girl. I have a feeling it's either Kriss or America for Maxon. Although I will be more than okay for America to join the rebellion group...

6) Romantic moments: I'm the most unsure about this out of all. Personally, without Maxon screwing being with other girls, the romantic moments will be more pure. As for Aspen... I don't really give a damn to him. But I have a feeling that Maxon will find out "Officer Leger" and America sooner or later... (and Clarkson will have an excuse to kick her out of the palace. Duh.)

7) How it will end: I can think of two right now: Either America will be the future queen and promote revolutionary policies or America will achieve the fall of caste system through rebellious acts. I think the former is more likely than the latter, although I like the latter much better...

What are your thoughts? Feel free to sound off in the comment area below :)


  1. I agree, but if maxon doesn`t choose America it will be like writing a series about a girl who ALMOST married a prince and became princess. Plus we will probably be mad at kiera cass if America isn`t chosen.

  2. Maxon totally rules. Not really fond of America but really hope she gets picked

  3. I can't believe it's coming out tomorrow! I totally ship Maxon and America, and I really want this to turn out. Please don't pull a Veronica Roth on us Kiera!!