Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Post: Reading Slump and Withdrawls

I think a little post might help my killer headache (yeah, I have migraine). I still haven't finished reading The 5th Wave yet, and probably my review won't be until tomorrow or even Sunday. So, random post is totally fine with me... now.

Reading Slump

How I define it: Basically I think that's a stage where you have no interest in any new releases, especially after 1) an awesome book release (aka a kind of withdrawl) 2) a stage of frantic obsessive book nerd or before huge exams (my case now)

2013 Reading Slump: It's the second time I have a reading-slump problem in this year (yeah I'm having this problem right now). I don't have this problem in 2012. *Sigh

My reasons:

1) April have many new releases, but not all of them are good.
2) May new releases are especially frustrating (I don't know why).
3) June is the big boss month 'cuz I have a really important exam to attend. Which means... stress.

Books in 2013 that triggers my reading-slump problem:

1. Days of Blood and Starlight (Don't hit me, but I just can't get lost in the book)
2. Breathe (A frustrating read)
3. Taken (You totally know what I mean)
4. Rebel Heart (Again, can't get into the book)
5. Breaking Point (Same reason with 1 and 4)



How I define it: You keep thinking about it, you can't stop yourself from reading the book again and again, you are totally distracted by it, you can't concentrate, blah and blah.

2013 Withdrawls: Many, many withdrawls. Just like 2012. Damn.

My reasons: Is there even a reason for this?

Books in 2013 that I had/still have withdrawls:

P = Have allready gotten past the problem
S = Still having the problem
G = Getting past it

1. Through The Ever Night (Yep, I can't wait for Into The Still Blue) [P]
2. Boundless [P]
3. Requiem [P]
4. Prodigy (Yeah, THE ending. Ugh.) [G]
5. Wait For You (I. Love. It.) [S]
6. The Eternity Cure (Ah, the ending!) [G]
7. Clockwork Princess (I believe I can never get past withdrawl) [S]
8. With All My Soul [G]
9. Apollyon (Cliffhanger ending) [S]


As my life's getting busier and busier in the oncoming few years, I guess my reading-slump problem will only get worse (I don't have much time to read). Withdrawls, on the other hand, are very much depended on the situation. I guess I will never get over some books *cough *cough Cassie's novels and *cough JLA's novels *cough *cough.

Yeah, random posts are pretty random... for me.

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