Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: Early Theories of TLH and Unknown Sekrit Project by Cassandra Clare

I've been waiting for this for ages! I can't wait to discuss the announced trilogies with you guys :)

(Warning: Avoid this post if you haven't read Clockwork Princess yet)

The name of the trilogy:

Well, there's no way we can know the name of the Unknown Sekrit Project in the foreseeing future, since Lady Midnight isn't even release yet. So this topic is dropped.

TLH, is another story.

There are tons of names circulating Tumblr and many of them are... bizarre, yet very funny. But let's get serious here. The first that popped up in my mind is The Lost Histories. I mean, it sounds reasonable, right? But I don't think things are that simple in TLH. Maybe there are cooler names out there that I haven't known yet.

The setting:

Again, there's nothing to discuss about the timing of the two trilogies. TLH will be set in 1903, and the Unknown Sekrit Project is set in 2015 (apparently). But the location settings are interesting. Especially when it comes to TLH.

Okay, again, Lady Midnight is not even released yet, so we have no way to know the location setting in the Unknown Sekrit Project. But in TLH, there are two places that I can think of: London and New York. Both are equally reasonable guesses. London is a reasonable guess because it's about the next generation of the characters in TID, and James Herondale is apparently in TLH as well. But New York is also a reasonable guess. I mean, do you recall the two snippets in The Bane Chronicles? If James Herondale is one the the characters in TLH, he will surely meet Magnus at some point. And Magnus, at that time, is in New York, as he told Will he would be in at the end of Clockwork Princess. But I have something a little more crazier than this: What if this is THE generation that moves to New York? 

The characters:

James Herondale is 16/17 in 1903. So he can be a perfect (main) character for TLH. And if he's there, Cordelia Carstairs will definitely be there, as well. And Christopher Lightwood can be there as well, since he's 15/16 in 1903. I have a feeling we will see more Blackthorns in TLH. I don't really believe that City of Heavenly Fire and The Dark Artifices are the only places that the Blackthorns actually shows up. That will be weird.

And I believe that there are new main characters that are from other families. Why? Do you remember the timing set in the Unknown Sekrit Project is 2015? The TMI characters will only be in their mid-twenties and the TDA characters will only be in their early twenties. I don't supposed that's a story of them. So there MUST be new characters in the unknown sekrit project. And I think the closest connection with the sekrit project is TLH (since TLH is full of possibilities)

Will TID characters be in TLH as well? I think this is a definite possibility, since it's about the generation next to Will's. Maybe we will see Will in there as well. And Tessa, although that would be super awkward (you know, Tessa's immortal). Or maybe Jem as well, but I think my heart will break into a million pieces when I actually see him in TLH (well, my heart was broken into shards when I re-read City of Lost Souls days after I read Clockwork Princess). But anyway, I think there's a possibility that we will see some TID characters in it, even though they will not be the main characters.


I know my theories sound crazy, and it IS kind of crazy, since I don't have much information on my hands now about the two trilogies. But I think things will get clearer, at least after TDA. And somewhere in this post, I have no idea what I've said.

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