Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday: TLH by Cassandra Clare

So now... do you remember what I said in this post?

It's not surreal anymore! Looks like it's myth freaking confirmed (MythBusters mode here)!  There's a sekrit project that Cassie's working on. And here's those tweets (squeeeeee)

Here's what I've picked up:

1. TLH is set in 1903
(Wait, does that mean I get to see TID characters? *cough* *cough* Will *cough* Aww, I'm already squeeing right now)

2. The main characters in TLH are 16, 17
(If you have the collector's edition of Clockwork Princess, do a little math based on the family tree and see who will be 16 or 17 in 1903, although I have a little doubt that those characters will be in TLH. I hope they will be, though)

3. TLH is something without a deadline
So that means... Is there a possibility that they will be released at the same time as TDA? My body is so ready.

4. Five Shadowhunters series!
Four trilogies and TMI! Aww, I'm so gonna read all the books. That means... 18 Shadowhunter books. (Wishful thinking already)

5. There will be some The Bane Chronicles characters
Magnus? But Magnus was heading to New York! Unless.... wait, I have a theory. What if that's about Shadowhunters in 1903 MOVING TO NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES? And I totally want more Magnus! Although that won't be confirmed until sometime in the future...

6. The chronological order of the series.
TID - London, 1878
TLH -Unknown Place, 1903
TMI - New York, 2007
TDA - Los Angeles, 2012
Unknown sekrit project - Unknown Place, 2015 (from TMI source)

I am really curious about the sekrit project. It's set after TDA... future Shadowhunters? Yes please! I can't wait to see technology vs Shadowhunters, if that's the case.


Thoughts about the five series:

Well, Cassandra Clare is one of the greatest authors since mankind is created. The Shadowhunters are just fascinating and I can never get enough of the smart jokes from characters. TMI is the first series I read and I started Clockwork Angel right after I read City of Fallen Angels. And those books captured my heart right when I turn on the very first page of City of Bones. And now, I've finished The Infernal Devices trilogy and painfully ('cuz March 1 is so far away!)  waiting for City of Heavenly Fire, I know I will never get tired of Shadowhunters. And now, Lady Midnight will be released in March 2015, and there's TLH and an unknown futuristic sekrit project. I will probably be like this:

Sorry I can't hear you over my shrill screaming :D

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