Saturday, March 2, 2013

Iniquity Teasers!

Finally we have some news from Iniquity, the fifth (probably the last) book of The Premonition Series.

Teaser 1: A photo that is like a part of the cover of the book

It's hard not to believe this is not the cover of Iniquity!


Teaser 2: One single mind-blowing damn teaser

Stay wi’ me, Genevieve... I hear Brennus’ deep voice whisper in my mind before it fades away and is gone.
    The darkness between my heart and my soul swells, pushing them further apart, making room for Brennus. I’m the light to his darkness. There’s no escape; he’s a part of me. I close my eyes. Pick a side, demon, I inwardly scold, speaking silently to my own black heart. His kiss was sweet like cinnamon...
    My lips move over Reed’s now, and as I grow more awake, so too does the desire for the one who has me in his arms, my aspire. Light and smooth he teases; it increases the tension that coils within me for him. It warms me, teaching my skin by touch about love. I breathe him in.
    The fire inside stirs, stokes, and then burns me. I open my eyes to see perfect green ones above me. Pleasure spreads; it finds new places I hadn’t known existed. Gravity begins to win; it pulls me to Reed with magnetic stirrings of yearning. I want to fade into him, fit myself under his skin.
    My fingertips reach up behind his ear, entangling in his dark brown hair, tussling it as I draw him closer to me. Our lips part to taste each other. I groan softly. Reed reacts; his wings unfold violently from him with a snap. The darkest gray feathers splay out thrillingly behind him. His arm goes behind me, pulling me nearer as my legs wrap around him. He lifts his lips from mine, causing our cheeks to brush against each other. The sensation of it pulses through me, reaching that dark place in my heart. I feel the darkness retreat for a moment before it fights back, surging forward with the blackest desire.
    My fingernails tense on Reed’s scalp. The white sheet wrapped around me is suddenly unbearably constricting. My bare leg slips from beneath it to rub against the soft fabric of Reed’s loose-fitting pajama bottoms. They’re slung low on his hips, making me want to rip them from him...and there's an equal urge to tear him, too. All of a sudden, I feel a desperate ache to consume him. I want to make Reed bleed. I want to make him bleed for me—only for me. My fingers shift in his hair, sliding to the back of his neck. The sharpest points of my teeth follow the column of his throat downward, grazing the smooth perfection of his skin. His grasp tightens on my hips.
    I feel the beat of his arterial pulse beneath my tongue. His hand threads under the mass of my hair at the base of my neck while his thumb caresses my throat in gentle circles. The greedy desire recedes for a moment as my love for him swells. I sigh against Reed’s skin in relief, freed from the strange impulse.
    Something grows in me, a malicious wave of anger flows out of the dark place in my heart, like poison, it winds it’s way through my veins. I lose my breath. My skin begins to chill as coldness seeps outward from my core. The poison races on, weaving through me. My lips slacken and rest on Reed’s shoulder. This dark elixir travels up my throat and into my eyes. My irises recede to blackness while I take a shallow breath and exhale wisps of frozen air.
    Reed must feel the change in me because he tenses in my arms. A deep point stabs me where I join the darkness, like two lines meeting. I lift my lips from Reed and a smile spreads them thin. Then my mouth opens wide right before I clamp down hard on Reed’s shoulder. My teeth puncture his skin, sinking in. The iron taste of his blood fills my mouth, the shock of which registers in my mind, but my jaw remains rigidly clenched.
    Reed grunts and flinches as he exhales a breath. His fingers tighten on the back of my neck in an attempt to pull me back from him. “Evie?” Reed says my name through clenched teeth. He breathes in and it catches in his chest before he exhales. He growls out one word: “Brennus.”
    A rumble of laughter rolls up from my chest. My jaw eases and my teeth slide out of Reed’s shoulder. Blood collects at the corners of my mouth, sliding down my chin to drip onto the white sheet pressed between us. I feel something inside of me stir; it makes me pull back from Reed. When I catch sight of his face, his expression is grim.
    My eyebrows pull together as my eyes narrow. “Whah part of ‘moin’ do ye na understand, aingeal?” I hear myself say. 


No. That is... that is just too much. I'm really proud to say I'm a Brennus hater (Sorry if I offend somebody out there that is in love with Brennus, but I just can't stand him). And this one... this one is totally unbearable. Ahh, where's Iniquity? I need Iniquity!


Iniquity is planned to release in summer 2013. (Okay this is really far away)

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