Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Week Of Clockwork Princess: 5 Ways to Prepare for Reading It

Can you believe this? It's less than a week until Clockwork Princess, the final installment of The Infernal Devices! Oh my god I can't believe this. The memory of complaining about waiting too long is just as fresh as if it was yesterday.

I'm not really that good at humor, so if you're confused or even offended by what I'm gonna say. Here's my early apologize (bows).

1. Prepare lots and lots of tissues.

This is probably the most heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, toes-curling, palm-twitching, teeth grinding YA book in the history of mankind. I'm quite certain weeping, crying, or even scream-crying is always an option while reading CP2. Better prepare for some Kleenex or you might end up with a soaked book. (And for some reason I think of Will's love letter for Tessa mentioned in City of Lost Souls)

2. Clean your schedule COMPLETELY.

You wouldn't want someone to disturb you while you are reading a book, especially this one. I have a feeling some fans will be tempted to fire bullets to those who disturb them from reading (I'm one of those too, although I certainly don't have a gun). So clean your schedule and few will stand in your way. (But this task is impossible for me because I always have to do my homework and do revision, especially when the Test is so freaking close *Ugh)

3. Turn off your cell phone AND KEEP IT AWAY FROM YOU.

Yep. This is for the exact same reason as preparation 2. It will be extremely interesting to see a fan firing curses at her/his friends if they disturb her/him. But why keeping it away from you? I don't think you want a broken cell phone after reading Clockwork Princess. That will be plain suck.

4. Prepare yourself a glass of tea that can make you relaxed.

Tea is a thing that can't be missed out when reading a book. At least that's my case (although sometimes coffee will do too). But I think you should at least prepare yourself a glass of warm water because warm water has the effect of relaxation on people. Your nerves will probably just snap apart if there isn't anything to keep you calm while reading this mind-blowing installment (even remotely). Although I wouldn't suggest it to one of those extreme cases, like when you are one of those crazy enough people that will throw a cup full of water against a wall.

5. Remove the cover BEFORE reading it.

Why? I think the probability of throwing the book across the room will be much higher than throwing a cup full of water/tea/coffee/whatever it's in it. So please, if you think the mental break down will result in a flying book across your room, remove the cover before start reading it. I have a not-so-appealing experience on this. I literally threw my copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCE (yep, you read it right. Clockwork Prince) across my room after I read chapter 20 (The Bitter Root) and... I nearly destroyed the cover. So I advice you to remove the cover, seriously.

That is, if you are having the hardcover edition of it. I don't think you can't remove the cover if it's a paperback version?


Are there any more ways out there that can help prepare to read Clockwork Princess? Because I feel like I haven't prepared any of it (And the sad thing is, I've got more than a year to prepare for the massive mental breakdown)

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