Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughtful Thrusday: Emotions in 2013 (Jan to Apr)

So many series will come to an end in 2013. And so many series will start in 2013. Here's a prediction of how I will react in 2013.


Emotions: Anticipation + Anxiety + Frustration

January is the start of all crazy stuff. It starts with Boundless and Through The Ever Night and Shades of Earth. And god, did that ever lure me into anticipation. They are from three of my favorite series. There's no way I can't be excited about it.

The anxiety is because of the whole waiting thing. Not just waiting for the book but also waiting for the awesome part while reading the book. Anxiety always build in me very easily. Guess I need to find a way to ease this or I will probably go nuts soon.

You'll probably ask why frustration? Well, the timing of the release dates are so not right. It just come across my Post Examination. So not a good timing here. And I wanna punch somebody in the face cuz there's no way I can concentrate on YA novels when this year's Post Examination is so freaking important.


Emotions: Souped-up Anticipation + Souped-up Anxiety + A Little Bit Fangirling

February gets even crazier. Unravel me will hit stores in February. That means more Juliette, more Adam, more diary-like words, and more Warner. Anticipation gets even more intense. Not just because of Unravel Me, but also because of March, which will be the craziest month in 2013. And the reason for the intensified anxiety is the same.

And fangirling? Well, probably because of Clockwork Princess (UGH!!!), Requiem, and Obsession. Come on, these books are by three of the most awesome author on Earth. How can you not fangirl about this?


Emotions: Probably Intense Sadness + Frustration + Anger + Heart Break + 5 million other things

March, like I said above, is probably the craziest month in 2013. Let's start with Clockwork Princess. There's a great chance that either Will or Jem (or both) will die in CP2. Clockwork Princess' epilogue sets in London, 2007. And all the heartbreak from Will, Jem (maybe), and Tessa. Ah, I can't.

And second is Requiem. Alex just popped up out of nowhere in the end of Pandemonium. We still don't know what status he's in. There's a freaking war brewing, and Lena and Hana might reunite. Good cliffhanger in Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver. You make my heart jump like hell.

Third is Obsession. It sets between Opal and Origin (Origin!). And according to what JLA said, Obsession will change our point of view towards Luxen and Arum. So maybe Luxen isn't all good, and Arum isn't all bad. Anticipation is killing me on this one.

How can I survive through March? I still have to go to April!


Emotions: Heart Break + Awe + WTF + OMG + Anticipation

Apollyon will be released in April. And gods, did I ever want Apollyon in my hands. You know what? The whole thing in Deity and Elixir kills me. I, seriously, have no idea what Aiden will do next for Alex. And the whole Alex-might-be-the-God-Killer thing? I still can't get through it. I mean, come on, you know that every god in the universe will stop at nothing to try to kill her if she becomes the God-Freaking-Killer.

Ugh, JLA is killing me at this point. Officially.

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