Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Opal Teaser!

Deity is out in bookstores, and it's time for some Opal Teasers!

Dawson raised his arm and two DVDs shot into his hand. “Uh, we have Diary of the Dead and Survival of the Dead.”
“Great,” Daemon muttered.
I rolled my eyes. “Wussy.”
“Whatever.” He elbowed me, knocking a kernel of popcorn between my chest and notebook. I sighed. “Want me to get that for you?” he asked.
Shooting him a look, I dug it out and then tossed it in his face. “You’re going to be grateful when the zombie apocalypse occurs and I know what to do because of my zombie fetish.”
He looked doubtful. “There are better fetishes out there, Kitten. I could show you a few.”
“Uh, no, thank you.” But I did flush. And there were a lot of images that suddenly polluted my brain. “Aren’t you supposed to go to the nearest Costco or something?” Dawson asked, letting the DVDs float back to the coffee table.
Daemon turned to his twin slowly, face incredulous. “And how would you know that?”
He shrugged. “It’s in the Zombie Survival Guide.”
“It is.” I nodded eagerly. “Costco has everything—thick walls, food, and supplies. They even sell guns and ammunition. You could hole up there for years while the zombies are getting their nom nom on.”
Daemon’s mouth dropped open.
“What?” I grinned. “Zombies got to eat, too, you know.”

Wow... Dawson seems so... normal. Not like the zombie-like guy in Daemon's house at the end of Onyx. Hope that he actually go back to normal or I will be so sad. And this is so funny. I need more Opal teaser, for aliens' sake.

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