Friday, November 2, 2012

New Book Announced!

Jennifer L. Armentrout (author of Obsidian and Half-Blood) has announced a new book under the pen name J. Lynn. And it's called Frigid.

Check out this summary:

J. Lynn’s FRIGID, in which two lifelong friends, a guitar-strumming bad boy and a cautious bookworm, find themselves snowed in together over winter break and can no longer ignore the red-hot chemistry between them, that can melt snow but may also destroy their friendship.

Ooh, that can be really hot. 

And there's also an article about some more info of Frigid. Click this website below:

I think I will like this.

Frigid by J. Lynn, also know as Jennifer L. Armentrout, will be released in 2013.

And I can read Covenant series and Lux series and Obsession and Unchained AND Frigid at the same time. Yay me.

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