Saturday, November 24, 2012

City of Heavenly Fire Snippet!

Another snippet is out! That's a real City-of-Bones type joke.

[Spoilers redacted.]
“We shouldn’t,” protested Isabelle. “The Clave has a plan.”
“The Clave has the collective intelligence of a pineapple,” said Jace.
Alec blinked up at them. “Jace is right.”
Isabelle turned on her brother. “What do you know? You weren’t even paying attention.”
“I was,” Alec said, injured. “I said Jace was right.”
“Yeah, but there’s like a 90% chance of me being right most of the time, so that’s not proof you were listening,” said Jace. “That’s just a good guess.”

See? The humor's back! I always love Jace's sarcastic remark and jokes. And now it reappears in CoHF! Can't wait to read City of Heavenly Fire!

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