Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Divergent 16 Day Challenge All in One Day!

Another Divergent Challenge! This time is slightly different from the very first one and the one I made days ago. It's about some detailed question. And since I don't have time to answer one per day, I'm gonna answer all of them now.

1. Your favorite female character?

Easy, Tris. She is tough and brave

2. Your favorite male character?

Another easy one. Four. He is just like Tris.

3. Your least favorite character overall?

There are so many in different stages. But overall I have to say it's Eric. He's a dickhead

4. Your favorite couple?

FourTris of course!

5. Your least favorite couple?

Well I think I need to clarify this one because there are so many parings out on the Internet that doesn't even exist. So I have two answers. The one actually appears in Divergent is Susan/Caleb because I don't see why Susan has to choose this traitor. The one that doesn't exist it Eric/Tris cuz that's the most absurd of all.

6. A couple you wish to see happen?

No need for that. My OTP is already here ^^

7. Your favorite friendship?

I told you before. It's Uriah and Tris

8. Your favorite book?

Divergent! (But there are so many FAVORITE BOOKS out there)

9. Would you rather be in the faction of Dauntless, Candor, Amity, Abnegation or Erudite ?

I think I am factionless because I love Amity, Dauntless and Erudite at the same time.

10. The character that is most like you ?

I think it's a combination of Tris and Christina

11. A moment that made you happy ?

When Tobias tells Tris that he loves her in the end of Divergent

12. A moment that made you cry ?

Many, really. (But I usually cry INWARDLY. My tears just won't show up)

13. A moment that made you laugh ?

When Tris is in Peace Serum and acting really weird

14. If you were in a simulation, what would be the first fear that would appear ?

I think it's somebody who is dear to me dying in front of me or the world is in total chaos

15. Your favorite quote ?

"Fear doesn't shut you down. It wakes you up." __Four

16. The thing you love about these books ?

A world similar to THG but the writing skills in it are way better than THG

*You can copy these questions if you want! And this is originally from Tumblr (Tumblr is LOVELY)

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