Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Clockwork Princess Teaser

Well, it's not some angst-ridden snippets this time. You don't need to prepare for tissues or helmets (if you've ever considered to bang your head on a wall). This is a shot from Clockwork Princess Manga and it features WILL! Check it out:

He looks awesome above! So why is he riding a horse in CP2? Does that mean something?

This is the original words from TMI Source below:

I have however been having Cassandra JP illustrate scenes from Clockwork Princess, so consider this a visual snippet/spoiler from a scene about halfway through the book:(The photo above)
Will! (I hope to have all her drawings printed and packaged together as a giveaway for the Clockwork Princess tour in March.)

Gods, you are torturing me, Cassie. I want Clockwork Princess like, RIGHT NOW.

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