Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apollyon: Early Summary

There's an early summary from goodreads.com . It's Apollyon, book 4 of Covenant series by USA Today bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout! And it's confusing and kind of amusing at the same time:

Fate's a bitch, and now so is...

Of course we know that Fate is a hideous BITCH. But seeing that on the screen still brings out laughter from me. But the "so is..." is the confusing part. So is what? Seth? Aiden? Apollo? Someone/ Somewhat else? I think it's Seth. And I think my reason is... well, reasonable. Seth is Alex's inescapable Fate. And Aiden is Alex's Love. If Fate's a bitch. Then why isn't Seth a bitch too? I don't know why Seth is called a bitch because I haven't read Deity yet. It sounds like Seth will do something real bad in Deity. Although I've already downloaded Elixir, I don't dare to read it. I don't wanna spoil Deity.

Why April 2013 has to be so freaking far away?! I just don't want to be tortured by the temptation of Elixir in my godsdamn phone!

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