Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Understand: Haters of TMI, TID, TDA, Cassie

Why I release this post? It's not a review. It's not information. It's not even a theory. But I think I have t release it because I am just getting so freaking tired of the haters of TMI, TID, TDA or Cassie herself (I don't care which, as long as they are merely the same)

Warning: It's just my opinion here. I am not attacking anyone.

*Why I have the feeling that it's gonna be just like an argumentative essay... in a lame version*

The hating thing starts at The Mortal Instruments. And after some time observing the Internet, I've found some reasons. One is because of City of Fallen Angels. They think that TMI should end in City of Glass and not starting the second part of the story. Yes, I admit that the second part of the story is not about The Mortal Instruments anymore. But to me it's still an interesting story. I just don't understand why SOME readers hate TMI when they hadn't even read CoFA and CoLS. Another reason is because of the fandom (especially Tumblr). They think the fandom is beyond crazy and they hate them for being such an annoying fangirl/fanboy. I hate annoying fangirls/fanboys too. But I don't think that's a good enough reason for hating the series itself. Obviously it's the fans' problem for being such a jerk. Stop saying the second part of the book is rubbish, will you?

The second wave is towards Cassie herself. This is the most annoying part of it. I think throughout months I can see some reasons claimed by the former fans/haters. But their reasons are just unreasonable. Cassie is a good author even though she constantly breaks our fragile little heart. But her words are good. I know that some of the guys out there claimed that her writing skills is getting poorer. Well, I can't blame the guys for that, but again it's not the reason to send words to attack her. And here's the strangest reason on Earth. Some fans hate her because of her heartbreaking words. Seriously if you are heartbroken by her books to a point that you will never recover you can just stop reading them or whatever. You can't blame her for trying to impress us with strong words.

The hatred towards TID is just plain annoying. One reason is that TID is not as good as TMI. Well, I am not trying to be rude or something. But it's just bullshit. Either you've never read TID before or you're so naive that you didn't understand it. Again that's just my opinion. Another is that the TID fandom is EVEN MORE crazy than the TMI fandom because of the whole love triangle thing and the Brother Zachariah thing. Again this is the fans' problem. You can't blame the series for some extreme guys being all-out fangirl/fanboy. Another is that the guys claimed that TID is just like TMI when Will is like Jace, Tessa is like Clary, and Jem is like Simon. I can't say they are not related. But it's a different story in TID. And even Will is different from Jace in many ways. So is Tess and Jem. I just don't understand why people are saying that TID is EXACTLY like TMI.

TDA haters are the most ridiculous of all, because the series hasn't even out yet. I know that some fans worry that TDA will be just like TMI and TID, with all the heartbreak and angst and love triangle. I understand that. But how can you be so sure when the book hasn't even release? And Cassie said that Emma is very different from Clary and Tessa, and Julian is very different from Jace and Will and even Jem and Simon. Their relationship is not like Will/Tessa, Jace/Clary, Clary/Simon, Jem/Tessa. So why not try a different taste from TDA? Some also said that a new series that is also about Shadowhunters is boring. I bet it will not. After the war in CoHF, thing will be really different in Shadowhunter world. Here's the whole package here: new stories, new characters, new relationships, new settings. And I just don't understand why some guys despise TDA.

If I am being rude here, I am sorry about that, but I think I have to say my opinion out loud.

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