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Thoughts of Book 3 of Divergent: What Will Be On The Cover?

The final book of the bestselling Divergent Trilogy will be released on September 26, 2013. And this is so long. I have to write up something (a little lame) to go past the time.

The first part: What will be on the cover.

1. Name

Convergent: I think Convergent will be a really good name for the third book. The meaning of it opposes Divergent. Using Convergent is like meaning the five factions will finally join together and bring actual peace.

Emergent: Not as good as Convergent, but Emergent means "starting to exist". Maybe things outside fans will "start to exist"? Breaking through the fence sounds like a really good idea for the third book.

Resurgent: Again, not as good as Convergent. And it's kind of confusing. Because the factions are corrupted. How can the factions "become popular again"? Unless you wanna say that things (or people, whatever) outside start to rise and break through the fence and carry out the final battle?

Detergent: I know calling the book DETERGENT is just a joke. But still, calling it Detergent is the worst plan of all time. Not just because it's very (a little bit too) funny, but because...Look, I don't want some stupid chemical substances on the cover book even though it means clean. I also know that Tris and her company will have to find a way to "restore" (if you wanna call it like that) themselves. But naming it DETERGENT will totally ruin the book.

2. Faction Symbol

Since that Dauntless and Amity has already been on Divergent and Insurgent's cover respectively, so there is only three AVAILABLE symbol left.

Erudite: I've seen so many fan made cover that features Erudite (especially when the covers have the word CONVERGENT on it). Maybe having Erudite symbol is a good thing. Or maybe, the Abnegation and the Erudite will work together and break through the fence? Who knows. But the symbol of Erudite is not just beautiful. I think it does have a meaning in it, only that I can't figure out now.

And here's a fan made cover of CONVERGENT (yeah, well). I don't know who designs it, but it's BEAUTIFUL!
Remember: This is not the real cover. It's just made by fans. The official one doesn't even have a name.

Abnegation: Another popular choice. Although I can't find any fan made cover that has the symbol on it. Why Abnegation? Because like the factionless, the Abnegation wants to break through the fence. And it seems like Abnegation is kind of innocent (okay, not all of them. But still, most of them are). I am suck at editing photos. So I can't make one. But if there is one, I will be really happy.

Candor: I don't think it will be on the cover. But when I saw that the symbol on Insurgent is Amity, I was like what the hell is with the Amity Symbol?* Amity has nothing to do with the mess in Insurgent, at least not directly. So the cover of Insurgent kind of surprise me. So maybe the cover of the final book will still surprise me by using Candor's faction symbol?

And I definitely can't find a cover with Candor's symbol on it.

*Extra: I kind of know that using Amity symbol represents the peace that Tris wants.


There will be two new symbols that we've never seen.

Factionless: The Factionless plays a really big part in Insurgent. There is a high possibility that it's the Factionless who break through the fence and reveal everything. The Factionless are supposed to know the most about outside than other faction members (if you don't count the Erudite and Abnegation LEADERS)


Divergent: Remember this symbol in the official book trailer of Divergent?

I have a feeling that it can be the symbol on the cover of the final book of Divergent. The Divergent is the main point of all the mess in Chicago. It can be the Divergent who reveals what's outside the fence. And this is a good one.

But one thing is swirling on my mind: I know that why Dauntless is on the cover of Divergent, what I wanna know is that this symbol suits really well. Why didn't the creators use this symbol on the cover of Divergent?

Maybe this symbol suits too well...

What do you guys think will be on the final book of Divergent Trilogy?

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