Saturday, August 25, 2012

Divergent: The Movie Will Start Filming in March 2013 and Release in 2014!

Finally we have new Divergent movie news and the source is from DIVERGENT Fansite. The article is originally based on Summit Entertainment.

The Big things are:
1. Divergent will start filming in March 2013, and that's only 8 months away!
2. Divergent movie will be release in the first quarters in 2014!
3. Insurgent will definitely have a movie!

This is big, BIG, BIG!!!!

Check out the article here, I copy it from DIVERGENT Fansite:

We finally have some new Divergent Movie news!  We now know that Summit is aiming towards a 2014 movie release and wants to start production as early as March 2013.  That is a short 8 months away!
According to Variety:
Summit is planning to start production in March with the aim of releasing the pic in the first quarter of 2014.
The first of a planned trilogy by 24-year-old author Veronica Roth, "Divergent" was acquired by Summit in March 2011, two months before the young adult novel was published by Katherine Tegen Books, a division of HarperCollins Children's Books. It quickly made the New York Times' bestseller list and has sold 1.3 million copies.
Summit also has rights to sequel "Insurgent," released in May. The untitled third book in the trilogy is due out in fall 2013.


Check out the full article here:

So IMDb was dead wrong. The movie is set to release in 2014. Hope that the filming will start soon enough for our fans. I can see that Divergent will be much more epic and better than Hunger Games! (Okay, I have to admit that I don't like Hunger Games really much)

And since that there are so many great fan made poster of Divergent, I think there will be an appearance of a bunch of huge fans cheering when the official poster and more, the movie is out.

P.S. I guess Cassie is right. So don't trust everything IMDb says.


Max Irons and Saoirse Ronan/AnnaSophia Robb are the perfect Four and Tris, although I have a feeling that they will not be in Divergent since that they are already in The Host. Sad thing for me. And I will never forgive Stephenie Meyer for making the two of them in The Host's cast and there is a high possibility that they can't be in Divergent cast. (Okay maybe this is not Stephenie Meyer's fault, but I blame her)

Search "Divergent Poster" in Google (Must be in Google!) and you can see a bunch of fan made Divergent Movie Posters! (Although I have to say that the posters say that the release date is in 2015, and the dates on the fan made posters are dead wrong)

Search them now and you will see that why Max Irons is the perfect Four and Saoirse Ronan is the perfect Tris.(But I think there is no AnnaSophia Robb in fan made Divergent Posters)

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