Monday, August 6, 2012

Clockwork Princess: New Snippet!

Another new snippet for Jem's victory in YA Crush Tourney! Check it out
“Though Will was saying earlier,” Tessa added, “that heroes all come to bad ends, and he could not imagine why anyone would want to be one, anyway.”
“Ah.” Jem’s hand squeezed hers briefly, and then let it go. “Well, Will is looking at it from the hero’s viewpoint, isn’t he? But as for the rest of us, it’s an easy answer.”
“Is it?”
“Of course.” His voice was almost a whisper now. “Heroes endure because we need them. Not for their own sakes. If Will …”

If Will what? You wanna say if Will was NOT a hero, that he would probably feel the same way as Jem and Tessa did? If this is true, I would probably like so you mean that Will was a hero and he would have bad ends? This gives me a cold feeling instantly. Because I will certainly break from inside if Will had a bad end.

Although it can be If Will was a hero, he would probably feel the same way as Jem and Tessa did. But I just can't shake off the feeling that there will be no happy ending for Will. And this is a depressing thought.

Cassie you make me sad, AGAIN

P.S. In some ways I want a snippet that features only Will and Jem. No Tessa, no Magnus, no anyone Just the two of them. That will be interesting.

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