Tuesday, August 14, 2012

City of Bones Movie: Filming Starts in one week!

Finally! The cast will start filming The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in one freaking week!

From TMI source, there is an official cast:

Lily Collins (Clary Fray)
Jamie Campbell Bower (Jace Wayland)
Robert Sheehan (Simon Lewis)
Jemima West (Isabelle Lightwood)
Kevin Zegers (Alec Lightwood)
Godfrey Gao (Magnus Bane)
Lena Headey (Jocelyn Fray)
Aidan Turner (Luke Garroway)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Valentine Morgenstern)
Jared Harris (Hodge Starkweather)
CCH Pounder (Madame Dorthea)
Stephen R. Hart (Brother Jeremiah)
Kevin Durand (Emil Pangborn)
Robert Maillet (Samuel Blackwell)

 I am so excited just imagining Clary and Jace and the Lightwoods in full action.

And just think of this scene on big screens!

Rage flared suddenly in Jace's icy eyes. "By the angel, every time we capture one of you bastards, you claim you know where Valentine is. Well, we know where he is too. He's in hell. And you---" Jace turned the knife in his grasp, the edge sparking like a line of fire. "You can join him there."

Clary could take no more. She stepped out from behind the pillar. "Stop!" she cried. "You can't do this."

Jace whirled, so startled that the knife flew from his hand and clattered against the concrete floor. Isabelle and Alec turned along with him, wearing identical expressions of astonishment. The blue-haired boy hung in his bonds, stunned and gaping.

It was Alec who spoke first. "What's this?" he demanded, looking from Clary to his companions, as if they might know what she was doing there.

"It's a girl," Jace said, recovering his composure. "Surely you've seen girls before, Alec. Your sister Isabelle is one."

-- City of Bones, Page 18-19

I think I have to try not to broke out laughter when I see this on silver screens.

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